Build loyalty online!

1. Get to know your customers

2. Build a memorable customer journey

3. Reduce your OTA booking rate

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Take back control of your customer relations

Get to know your customers

Automate communication with your customers and establish a personalised dialogue to enrich each stay:

Recover OTA customer email addresses: Experience recovers the email addresses of customers who book through OTA, allowing you to take back control of your communication.

Information gathering: through targeted communications sent throughout the customer journey, Experience gathers your customers’ preferences and consumption habits.

Anticipating customer needs: With an in-depth understanding of your customers’ tastes, Experience CRM spontaneously generates and proposes services and offers in line with their expectations.

Experience has enabled us to literally create a special bond with our customer, even before he arrives. We establish a real dialogue with them. The customer feels more at ease because we're better at listening.

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Find out how Experience can help your hotel!


Build a memorable customer journey

Automate communication with your customers and establish a personalised dialogue to enrich every stay:

Personalised communication at every stage: as soon as you have customer data, Expérience CRM personalises and automates the exchange at every contact point in the customer journey, from the first welcome email to post-stay messages.

Proactive pre-stay suggestions: Offer a tailor-made experience with proactive suggestions for upgrades, taxi bookings, concierge services and much more, using the data collected to anticipate your customers’ requests.

Ongoing customer satisfaction management: With our real-time evaluation system, make sure every aspect of your customers’ stay goes perfectly and use post-departure satisfaction surveys to refine your service even further.

Feedback and loyalty: Customer feedback is essential. Actively encourage guests to share their experiences while inviting them to sign up for a personalised newsletter and join your loyalty scheme to reward their loyalty.

Every interaction becomes an opportunity to fine-tune the customer experience and turn them into brand ambassadors with Expérience CRM.

The quality control that CRM Experience carries out for me on my customers is really great. On several occasions, I've defused situations that were very annoying for the customer and I've transformed the experience by having a customer who is delighted with our management and the hotel team.

Find out how Experience can help your hotel!

Reduce your OTA booking rate

Turn OTAs into partners, not competitors!

Implement an effective customer communications strategy that boosts satisfaction and loyalty with Expérience CRM. Our solution automates exchanges with your customers, providing a personalised and memorable experience that translates into greater satisfaction.

When this improved communication is combined with attractive and exclusive offers designed by your establishment, your customers are encouraged to book directly with you.

The OTA then give you great visibility, but you remain more attractive directly, and you build loyalty directly too.

This winning combination allows you to significantly increase your direct sales while reducing your OTA commissions, without lowering your TO.

Experience is the platform that allows me to reconnect with my customers and offer them a special benefit. With this system, we have three chances to turn our customers' stay into an unforgettable moment and avoid bad reviews. It's been a long time since I've been so convinced by a product

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