Finding out about your customers

Experience provides you with an intelligent segmentation tool to analyze your customers’ habits and behaviors, enabling you to understand them better and serve them more effectively.


Divide your customers into groups to better understand them and respond to their needs in a personalized way.


Analyze, identify and understand your customers to provide them with personalized offers.


Segment your customers (age, preferences, situation) to personalize every marketing action.


Differentiate yourself from your competitors by anticipating each customer's needs!

Base de données clients : 9 indicateurs clés que vous devez connaître sur vos clients

Do you know your customers?

Transform your customer relationships with our segmentation tool!

As you know, the key to success in the hospitality industry lies in understanding your customers. Our segmentation tool analyzes their preferences, behaviors and needs to help you create incredible, personalized experiences.

You can then tailor your communication to meet specific expectations, reinforce the relevance of your marketing, and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Unique customer experiences

Target your offers to the customers who will appreciate them!

Our segmentation tool is an invaluable ally in deciphering your customers’ perceptions of your hotel and services. It quickly sheds light on their needs and expectations, while precisely identifying areas for improvement.

Take Club Med, for example, which has mastered the art of segmentation to perfection, reaching its target audience with just two criteria:

First of all, they have to choose between “Sea” and “Mountain”; then, between travelers with or without children.

In response, they offer products tailored to travelers’ preferences, meeting their expectations and requirements.

segmentation base de donnée clients

Analyze, identify and understand your customers to send them personalized offers:

Boost the sale of your suites?

Higher occupancy on Sunday evening?

Fill one's hotel at the last minute?

More bookings during off-peak periods?

Segmentation criteria

Segmenting your audiences means identifying homogeneous groups of consumers with similar characteristics who are clearly distinct from one another.

This enables you to target your communication across all touchpoints, thanks to powerful segmentation features that are an integral part of the creation and deployment of all customer journeys.


geographical criteria

Geographic segmentation is based on the geolocation of your visitors. Very easy to set up, it allows you to think about your marketing actions in terms of where your visitors are, important dates in that area (holidays, bank holidays, etc.), the language spoken, weather conditions, etc.

demographic criteria

Demographic segmentation is the most commonly used, since it's based on criteria that are easy to collect and enable you to quickly target a potential market. It takes into account gender, age, nationality, level of education, profession, income or family situation...

psychographic criteria

Psychographic segmentation is based on travelers' lifestyle: their interests, personality, values, beliefs and opinions. To obtain this information, it is generally necessary to question visitors directly, using questionnaires or surveys.

behavioral criteria

Behavioral segmentation is based on how travelers behave once they're in your hotel (time spent with you, room booked, visits and activities carried out during the stay, brand loyalty).

You can also imagine :

Why segment your database?

Our segments at a glance:

Why segment your customer database?

Better understand your customers

Segmentation enables in-depth analysis of your market and your customers, helping you to understand their needs and habits, and to identify the groups most loyal to your brand.


Improve customer experience

A better understanding of your customers enables you to fine-tune your future marketing strategies, delivering an enhanced experience and strengthening their loyalty.


Optimize your prices

Segmentation identifies groups willing to pay more for specific improvements, enabling you to adjust your pricing accordingly.


Increase the profitability of your marketing actions

By adopting a segmented approach, your campaigns are more personalized, offering a better return on investment than a global approach.


Personalize your communication

Targeted advertising based on people’s interests, geolocation and history nurtures customer relationships according to each profile.


Develop customized products

You can design specific products to meet the needs of each consumer segment.

Our advantages

Customer knowledge

A better understanding of your customers and their needs, what drove them to stay with you, and what you need to do to keep them coming back.

Reliable data

Data is collected at source, linked to PMS, pre-check-in, pre-stay, and satisfaction surveys sent by our CRM, and constantly updated.


Analysis by activity (restaurant, spa, hotel, etc.) to better understand customer behavior and needs by type of activity, and improve cross-selling opportunities.

Simplified analysis

Evaluate the efficiency of your sales strategy more effectively. Evaluate results for each type of customer, so you know where to focus your offers.

Internal organization

Improve sales team organization by assigning a customer type to each agent. By focusing in this way, they will be more competent in their field.

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