Tailor-made loyalty program for hotel

🤝 Create your own loyalty programme

🌐 Centralise your data

🏆 Give your customers exclusive benefits for every stay

🏨 Create a community around your brand

1. Create your own loyalty program

We believe in the power of personalisation. Define your own rules for awarding points, levels and badges to create a programme that reflects the unique identity of your hotel. Whether you want to reward stays, restaurant spend, or any other criteria, our platform gives you the flexibility to create a programme that suits you.

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2. Centralise your data

Take control of your loyalty strategy by centralising all your customer data within a single platform.

Benefit from an overview and accurate analyses to make informed decisions that will boost your loyalty and direct bookings.

3. Offer cross-benefits

If you have several properties, our solution allows you to offer your loyal customers exclusive advantages in each of them.

Like big groups such as Accor, offer your customers the opportunity to enjoy an enriched experience, where each stay in one of your hotels allows them to discover a world of privileges.

Create a real community around your brand. Reward your most loyal customers and encourage them to explore your hotel world further with targeted campaigns and exclusive offers.

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4. Improve your direct booking rate

Our loyalty programme is designed to help you increase direct bookings, reduce commissions paid to OTAs and, ultimately, improve your margins.

Turn your occasional customers into brand ambassadors and build long-term loyalty.

5. Get tangible results

Join the many hotels that are already enjoying resounding success with our CRM solution and discover how our loyalty programme can help you :

  1. Increase direct guest bookings
  2. Create memorable and personalised customer experiences;
  3. Value and reward your loyal customers.
  4. Increase the visibility of your property.
KPIs to track

Find out how to make your hotel the destination of choice for your customers!

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Our advantages


You define every rule, from points accumulation to rewards, for an experience that's truly in your image.


Centralise all the loyalty data from your different establishments in one place, simplifying the management and analysis of your loyalty strategies.


For hotel groups : offer inter-hotel benefits and broaden the horizons of your customers in your network. Create a real community around your brand!

Ready to propel your hotel into a new era of customer loyalty?

Experience looks forward to working with you to create an unrivalled loyalty programme that makes all the difference. Transform your guests’ experience and make your hotels their destination of choice.

Contact us today to start your journey to success with our ultimate loyalty programme. Together, let’s turn every stay into an unforgettable experience for your guests and a competitive advantage for you.

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