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New Year's Eve newsletter for hotel

Example: Results of a New Years' Eve campaign

Here are the results of a campaign sent out for the New Year in 2022 by a hotel using Experience:

👤 Number of recipients: 24,909

🛏️ Number of reservations generated: 346

💰 Sales: €127,569

Our hotel email marketing solution

campagnes automatisée experience CRM marketing

🚀 Automated campaigns

Save time with our 43 automated scenarios. Stay in touch with your customers at key moments, such as birthdays, personal celebrations, or follow-up after their stay, without it taking up your time, so you can concentrate on what’s important: your customers.

💌 Customized campaigns

Say goodbye to impersonal emails. Our solution lets you precisely target your customers using over 50 segmentation criteria. Every message reaches the right audience.

mailing design
mail builder experiece CRM

🪄 One-off newsletters

Our practical, ergonomic and easy-to-use email builder lets you create elegant e-mails in just a few minutes. No need to be a design expert to share your offers and news.

📊 Accurate results

Our tracking system correctly identifies all bookings generated by your e-mail campaigns, whatever platform you use (computer, tablet, smartphone), enabling you to calculate your revenues precisely.

Overview of your newsletters:



Our email builder has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Its exceptional ergonomics make e-mail creation as easy as ever, providing a fast and efficient learning curve for smooth, high-impact marketing campaigns.


Easily personalize your email campaigns with our CRM. Thanks to simple functionalities, personalizing every aspect of your message becomes a fluid and efficient experience, allowing you to create unique and impactful campaigns in the blink of an eye.


Save valuable time while boosting customer loyalty with our advanced automations. Segmentation allows you to maintain contact effortlessly and in a personalized way. So you can actively retain your audience without having to lift a finger.

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