Automate your own satisfaction survey

🌈 Create your own satisfaction questionnaire

📤 Automate its sending after each customer has left

📊 Understand your customers’ needs so you can respond more effectively

⭐ Gather positive feedback and prevent bad comments


Create your own survey, with your own questions, and take advantage of ready-to-use templates with customised fonts and colours to reflect your brand, or start from scratch!


Automate the sending of the questionnaire each time a customer leaves, before or the other OTAs send theirs!


Analyse the results of your surveys, and benefit from a dashboard with filters, cross-analysis, text analysis, etc.

Find out how to automate the sending of your own satisfaction survey!

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Why send a satisfaction survey to your customers ?

1. Improving the customer experience

A satisfaction survey with targeted questions enables you to understand what your customers value most during their stay. By capturing their needs and preferences, you can tailor your offerings to best meet their expectations.

It also demonstrates your commitment to actively listening to your customers and offering them the personalised attention they deserve.

Experience has enabled us to literally create a special relationship with our customer (...). The customer feels more at ease because we listen more. And when a customer is satisfied, it's much easier to convert them into a good review.

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2. Collect positive reviews

An incentive to leave a review can be sent systematically after each survey return. This incentive automatically redirects you to the platform of your choice (TripAdvisor, Google).

On average, our customers see their reviews multiplied by 4!

With Experience, I've collected 20 reviews on TripAdvisor, compared with just 5 previously.

3. Prevent bad comments

Satisfaction questionnaires also help to prevent bad reviews by offering dissatisfied customers a means of expressing their views directly to the property.

By taking their comments on board and responding appropriately, hoteliers can prevent customers from turning to review platforms to express their dissatisfaction.

On several occasions, I defused situations that were very annoying for the customer and transformed the experience by having a customer who was delighted with our management and the hotel team.

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4. Maintain contact with your customers

By sending a satisfaction survey to your customers before the OTAs do, you regain control over your customer relationship, and demonstrate your commitment to putting the customer experience at the heart of your priorities, while ensuring that you gather their feedback proactively and directly.

By doing so, you strengthen your direct connection with your customers, creating an authentic and lasting relationship.

Experience is the platform that allows me to reconnect with my customers.

5. Improve the services offered by your hotel

By analysing the results of the satisfaction questionnaire, hoteliers can identify the weak points in their establishment and take corrective action to improve the services offered.

This helps to optimise the customer experience and retain existing customers.

Experience CRM helps us to get an outside perspective. Being in the establishment 24 hours a day, our eyes are used to far too many things. When customers point out certain things to us, we look at them differently and can then really improve our customer service by better assessing their priorities.

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