Our CRM Solution

Our CRM, designed specifically for the hotel and tourism industry, is profitable from the first month.

Increase your hotel's direct revenue

Create targeted upsell offers for rooms and amenities, nurture booking requests, entice pastguests to return, and convert customers who started but did not complete their booking–allby leveraging the data you own.

Give your customers an unforgettable experience

Personalise communication with your customers throughout their journey including booking,trip preparation, check-in, their stay, departure and retention. Upsell and get positivefeedback on the channels of your choice.

computer experience hotel CRM

Experience, a specialist CRM for the hotel and tourism industry, enables you to manage your customer relations throughout the entire customer journey, right down to customer loyalty.

On average, across all our clients, Experience generates:

  • €8,440 turnover per month per hotel 
    • €3,600 generated by automated email campaigns
    • €3,566 generated by newsletters
    • €1,274 generated by additional sales from pre-stay form
  • 250 % d’avis supplémentaires
  • 247 000 customer email addresses collected

Average calculated on all our customers using the corresponding products in 2022

Our products:

The centralisation of your customer database with cleaned, deduplicated and segmented customer profiles.

Customer journey
Automated personalised communications from the booking confirmation to the post-departure loyalty mail

Email marketing
A solution to automate the sending of personalised and segmented emails, as well as a simple and intuitive mail builder to create your one-off campaigns.

Track, manage and analyse your scores, reviews and positions on different online platforms, all in one place

Hotel groups
A centralised view of your hotels’ activity, as well as views and accesses per hotel.

Your hotel challenges

As the first all-in-one automated hotel CRM and marketing solution, Experience CRM enables you to get the most out of each customer in just a few steps:

  • Automate the management and segmentation of your customer database
  • Centralise data
  • Automate pre-stay, in-stay, and post-stay communications
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Collect and manage reviews (e-reputation)
  • Increase direct bookings and decrease OTA commissions
  • Increase TRevPAR and upselling
  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Task automation and operational time saving


Manage and segment your customer database
Automatically collect, enrich, and segment your customer cardex to target and improve your communication and marketing campaigns. Deliver a tailored customer experience. Send the right offer, on the right channel, at the right ti me!

Centralise data
Get a clean, segmented and fully automated database, centralising all the information about each customer. Import the existing database, rebuild customer data and merge duplicate customer records

Automate pre-stay, in-stay, and post-stay communications
Communicate with your customers in a 100% automated way throughout their stay! From booking confirmation and post-stay communications, to pre-stay satisfaction surveys, pre-registration, in-stay quality control, post-stay customer reviews, promotional emails, newsletters, etc.

Customer satisfaction and e-reputation
Analyse customer feedback to improve the quality of your services and optimise the customer experience. Collect more positive comments online, and thus improve your e-reputation and your reputation on OTAs, Google, TripAdvisor, etc. Then manage the responses to the reviews, and get a semantic analysis of all the comments about your hotel.

Increase direct bookings and decrease OTA commissions
Collect customer email addresses to send campaigns, including exclusive promotional offers and unique personalised rewards. Manage your customer relationship, increase visibility, build loyalty, increase direct bookings and reduce commissions paid to Booking, Expedia, etc.

Increase TRevPar and upselling
Segment your customer cardex to provide the right service to the right person, anticipate your customers’ needs and offer them solutions:

  • Your customers will feel pampered, and you will improve their experience in your hotel.
  • You will generate 100% automated upsales and also increase TRevPAR.

Cross-selling and upselling
If your hotel offers something other than rooms (spa, restaurant, boutique, etc.), regularly offer your customers products and services that are compatible with what they already buy or use, and increase the revenue from your related activities.

Automate tasks and save operational time
Automate pre-, in- and post-stay emails and automatically plan personalised email campaigns based on customer segmentation. Increase your sales and customer loyalty now!