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Are Hotel Chains destined to disappear?
Managing several hotels is no easy task. You have to balance the needs of each location while maintaining high
Parcours client
Exploring the dynamic and sometimes complex relationship between online travel agencies (OTAs) and hoteliers, our series of articles looks at this pivotal relationship that
Livre blanc Experience CRM : Satisfaction ou E-réputation ? Telle est la question
These two vital elements need to be mastered separately, and combined to get the best out of each, so as to reinforce your brand
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Find out more about our CRM tool, its features and functionalities.
Understanding Guest Experience - Experience Hotel Infographic
Delivering customer satisfaction is a key priority for hoteliers, and even more so when it concerns a group’s brand image. Maintaining or improving quality
Your hotels collect a large number of online reviews, but :  And in the case of :  The various E-Reputation management platforms already do
Your goal is to communicate more often to your customers… But : Take control of our different automated e-mailing scenarios. Analyze your customers, Segment
programme de fidélité hôtelier
Recover guests’ personal details before they check in. Your database is too often filled with OTA clients’ emails or incomplete details? You are not
Customer Experience in the hotel industry is a sequence of subtle and meaningful interactions that go beyond the simple business transaction.The Journey that shapes
Livre blanc Experience CRM : Comment construire une base de données clients optimale ?
This white paper is about the importance of having a customer database, but it doesn’t do everything if you don’t make it “live”. We’ll
This White Paper deals with the importance of knowing and mastering the Customer Journey in hospitality, in order to provide a better guest experience,