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Are Hotel Chains destined to disappear?
Managing several hotels is no easy task. You have to balance the needs of each location while maintaining high
Parcours client
Exploring the dynamic and sometimes complex relationship between online travel agencies (OTAs) and hoteliers, our series of articles looks at this pivotal relationship that
In the ever-changing world of hotels, OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) have become key players. These virtual platforms, such as, Expedia and Airbnb, are
Increase your Upsell
Upselling is a sales strategy that involves offering customers products or services that are additional to, or higher in range than, those initially envisaged.
Christmas decoration
Christmas holidays, synonymous with precious family moments, are crucial for hotels, as guests are looking for unforgettable experiences.  During this important time, customers want
Comment préparer sa newsletter hôtelière pour Noël ?
Christmas, its illuminations, its markets, its gift lists… Isn’t it time to tell your customers about it? You lack ideas? Experience helps you prepare
Comment nettoyer votre base de données clients ?
Cleaning your customer database consists in checking each data to make sure that the information is still valid, and that it does not exist
augmenter trevpar hotzl
Dear hoteliers, As you already know, providing targeted and personalized offers to your guests (before and during their stay) improves the guest experience and
Comment choisir un CRM pour votre hôtel ?
A hotel CRM (Customer Relationship Management) states exactly what it does: it manages the relationship you have with the customers of your hotel. How
7 types de CRM, lequel choisir ?
Dear hotel owners and managers, Since the beginning of Experience Hotel, nearly 5,000 marketing directors, revenue managers, GMs and owners representing more than 11,000
Astuces concernant la stratégie de fidélisation dans un hôtel - Experience CRM
Dear hoteliers, I was recently in contact with Lauriane, a marketing & communication manager for four hotels located in Paris. We discussed the challenges