How to attract more guests to your hotel for Christmas ?

Christmas holidays, synonymous with precious family moments, are crucial for hotels, as guests are looking for unforgettable experiences. 

During this important time, customers want to celebrate the holidays as they should. So how can your hotel seize this opportunity and achieve a high occupancy rate?

Discover in this article detailed strategies to attract more customers during this unique period and maximize your fill rate.

Objective of article

The objective of this article is to provide concrete strategies to maximize the attractiveness of your hotel during the Christmas season. Whether you run a small country hotel or a large international chain, these simple ideas can help you take advantage of this crucial time of year.

Festive offers

To capture the attention of travelers and immerse them in the Christmas atmosphere, nothing better than offering special packages.

Special accommodation packages for Christmas

Creating hosting packages specifically designed for Christmas is a great way to attract customers. These packages can include hotel nights, festive meals, themed activities and even small extras like in-room movies or horse-drawn carriage rides. These all-inclusive offers simplify the planning of guests for the holidays. 

For example, the hotel Le Celtique offers an offer for 2 people and 2 nights with a double room, breakfasts, New Year’s Eve meal on 24/12, a surprise for everyone, a facial and body treatment, a 15% discount for any other treatment and free access to the relaxation area for 249 € per person.

Welcome gifts for the guests

A warm welcome is essential to create an unforgettable experience. Even offering welcome chocolates on arrival allows your guest to start the stay peacefully. It’s a little bit of attention but it has a certain effect for the customer, and it will reinforce the welcome and the magic of the season. 

Promote local experiences

To provide a complete experience for your customers, it is essential to help them fully experience the Christmas spirit of your region.

Christmas activities and events in the area

To help your customers make the most of the holidays, let them know about local activities and events. Christmas markets, Christmas carols, parades, light shows, etc… We advise you to provide accurate information on the dates, times and locations of these festivities. 

Partnerships with local attractions

You can collaborate with local attractions to create special offers for your guests. This may include discounted tickets for museums, theme parks, guided tours or other unique experiences in the area. It’s a great way to introduce your guests to the cultural richness of your community while making their stay even more memorable.

Organize special Christmas tours

You can offer special Christmas tours to your customers. These tours can include walks to admire the city’s bright decorations, Christmas specialty tastings, or even craft workshops where guests can create their own Christmas decorations. It’s an immersive way to immerse them in the local festive atmosphere.

Special marketing campaigns for the holidays

La promotion est essentielle pour attirer l’attention sur vos offres pendant les fêtes de Noël.

Use of social media

Social media is a great way to share your Christmas offers. Sharing images of your decorated rooms, festive meals and other details that create a festive atmosphere, can bring a pleasant feeling to the guest. Encourage your guests to share their own photos of their stay on social media with a hashtag specific to your hotel.

E-mail marketing : newsletters and Christmas promotions

You can send newsletters and special promotional emails to your mailing list. Highlight your festive packages, special offers and Christmas events not to be missed in your area. Be sure to include clear calls to action to encourage guests to book their stay.

Targeted online advertising

Targeted online ads can help reach potential customers looking for a place to spend the holidays. You can use social media ads, search engine advertising campaigns and banner ads on relevant websites to draw attention to your hotel.

Offer discounts and incentives

Retain your customers and encourage their return by offering discounts and benefits.

Discount code for customers who have already come

To reward the loyalty of your customers, you can offer special discount codes. Guests who have already been to your hotel should benefit from additional benefits, such as discounted rates, free upgrades or exclusive services.

Loyalty program for regular customers

Setting up a loyalty program can encourage regular customers to return. You can offer them reward points for each stay, which they can redeem for free nights, special extras or exclusive benefits. This will strengthen the relationship with your customers and encourage them to book again with you.

Analyze and measure the results

It is important to monitor the effectiveness of your efforts and adjust your strategy based on feedback. This is possible for example via CRM software.

Who comes to your hotel during the holidays and why ?

Thanks to our segmentation tool, you can check what type of customers come to your hotel, what type of offers they are interested in, the different channels used and the most effective ones and you can also see the lead time of each of your customers. 

This tool will allow you to analyze the performance between each year and adapt according to the results that emerge. For example, if you see that a specific package attracts a lot of customers, you might consider adding similar extras in the future.

Analysis of occupancy rates and income compared to previous years

To evaluate the effectiveness of your Christmas strategies, we recommend that you compare this year’s occupancy rates and revenues to those of previous years. An increase in bookings and revenue signals the success of your efforts.

Analysis of customer feedback

Listening to customer feedback is key to understanding what works and what can be improved. Use customer feedback to adjust your strategies along the way. 

To conclude

The Christmas holidays offer a precious opportunity to attract new customers, to retain customers who have already come by making their stays unforgettable and creating memorable memories. By adopting these simple strategies, you can make your hotel the favorite place for travelers for the holiday season.

The main strategies to attract more customers during the Christmas season are :

  1. Attract more guests to your hotel for Christmas with festive offers
  2. Promote local experiences
  3. Conduct special marketing campaigns
  4. Encourage customer loyalty. 

These simple strategies can make your hotel more attractive during the holiday season.

Our CRM Experience software can help you manage your offers, collect customer feedback, track your results and analyze those results to adapt your strategies in the future to attract more potential customers.