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Exploring the dynamic and sometimes complex relationship between online travel agencies (OTAs) and hoteliers, our series of articles looks
In the ever-changing world of hotels, OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) have become key players. These virtual platforms, such as, Expedia and Airbnb, are
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Find out more about our CRM tool, its features and functionalities.
You have an international clientele, and you want to communicate with them in their native language, but  Discover the new automated translation feature of
Your goal is to communicate more often to your customers… But : Take control of our different automated e-mailing scenarios. Analyze your customers, Segment
Groupes Hôteliers : Le Pré-Séjour Client vu par Experience CRM
You want to communicate frequently with your customers… But : Adopt the automated scenarios proposed by the CRM Experience. Customer segmentation, analysis and time
Étude de cas : Comment récupérer les e-mails clients ?
How do you retrieve customer email addresses that book in your hotel via OTAs? In this case study… We tell you how one hotel
Quelles différences entre des outils comme MailChimp ou SendingBlue et un logiciel d’e-mailing 100 % hôtelier ? Experience CRM
How to generate 65 000 € of turnover with 1 newsletter sending? In this case study… We tell you how a hotel generated more
Livre blanc Experience CRM : Comment construire une base de données clients optimale ?
This white paper is about the importance of having a customer database, but it doesn’t do everything if you don’t make it “live”. We’ll
Traduisez automatiquement vos campagnes emailing sur Experience
Experience has just launched a new product that allows you to automatically translate the content of your marketing emails and the different emails sent
Comment préparer sa newsletter hôtelière pour Noël ?
Christmas, its illuminations, its markets, its gift lists… Isn’t it time to tell your customers about it? You lack ideas? Experience helps you prepare