An automated translator for all your communications.

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You have an international clientele, and you want to communicate with them in their native language, but 

  • You don’t speak every language on the planet.
  • Online translators are not always optimal…
  • …And they don’t take your layout into consideration.
  • Your emailing tools are not adapted to multilingual management.

Discover the new automated translation feature of the CRM Experience to write your emailing campaigns.

Beyond the fact that online translators are not always “perfect”, these tools only translate text alone, all the layout of your emailings is lost during a copy/paste. You then have to manually translate the content of your buttons, the subject of your emails, etc…

What does this new CRM option provides?

  • Automatic translation of all your marketing and customer relationship emails.
  • Significant time savings in the writing of your content.
  • Preservation of your typography, style and font. (Bold, italic, color, alignment…)
  • Preservation of your layout. (Location, translation of buttons, alternative texts for images…)
  • More than 30 languages recognized.
  • Reduction of translation errors.