Customer database

Your future revenue starts with a usable customer database

Connection and data collection

Turn your scattered information into a usable and optimized database to increase your revenues. It all starts with importing all your existing data into a single database from your PMS, Channel Manager, reputation tracking software, restaurant, spa, public social media data...

Référentiel Client Unique (RCU) : Définition et intérêt pour les hôteliers

Customer email recovery

Take back control of your customer relations and recover all the e-mail addresses! Your database is often full of OTA email addresses and empty emails.

The Hotel CRM “Experience” brings you several solutions to this problem:


Anticipate the needs of your customers and recover the missing e-mail addresses


You save time to your customer and he gives you his contact information


Contact your customer by SMS to get him to give you his email address again


On the day of arrival, digitize your policy cards to get the latest email addresses

“Thanks to the CRM Experience tools, I went from 28% to 69% of email addresses correctlyfilled out on my customers.

This has allowed me to generate 61,408 € of turnover via my e-mailing campaigns, and thisonly on the last quarter.”

Xavier Delloye, Carlton Hotel

Data centralization

All your customer information centralized! Find on a single page all the information, transacti on and stay history of your customers, and benefit from a complete and unified view on their activity:

Data cleansing

Cleaning your database consists of normalizing and restructuring your customer data. That is to say, making sure that our CRM understands and translates correctly the data it receives.

For example: from one tool to another, if computer characters are misread, “è” may be converted to “à ̈”, “ô” to “Ã'” and “â” to “â”, “é” to “é”, etc.

If you don’t want to end up with a “Leonard” instead of Leonard, this step is necessary. It also allows you to reconcile information that is not always entered in the same way:

base de données client

The UCR (Unique Customer Reference)

Here is a simple example of duplication:

Customer ID First name Last name Mobile Date of birth
PX #1
+33 6 52 52 72 72
PX #2
06 52 52 72 72

The RCU allows to gather the reservations scattered on multiple profiles or hotels under the same customer file, in order to merge, or rather to link in the CRM the various existing cardexes.

How are duplicates identified?
Each time a customer is added to the system or modified, the duplicate analysis is triggered.
The latter will then search for duplicate information among the fields below:

For each merged record, a new search is performed. This operation is repeated 9 times in a row, in order to minimize the chances of missing potential duplicates.

Segmentation of your customer database

Your customer data is a real gold mine! Knowing your customers well is nowadays essential to offer a personalized service and customer experience.

Segmentation is the fact of classifying your customers according to criteria (stay history, socio-demographic criteria, behavioral criteria, etc.).

The hotel CRM “Experience” provides you with more than 50 criteria to segment your customers in order to target the right profiles for your communications.

conciergerie Parcours client Experience CRM pour hôtels et restaurants


Have a centralized view of all the information collected in your database (fields filled in such as emails, phone numbers, languages spoken by your customers, etc.)

Navigate through your customers’ profiles, view their stay and consumption history in your establishment.