Guest relation

Guest relation pack

Monthly fees
+ 1€ per room

All the tools you need to perfect your customer satisfaction. Anticipate their needs, make their life easier and discover all available improvement levers in your hotel

Before their stay
During their stay
After their stay


CRM hotel pack

Monthly fees
+ 1€ per room

Combine both our packs to increase your ROI up to x31.

  • All the "customer satisfaction" pack tools
  • All the "marketing" pack tools
  • At an exclusive price
Increase your revenue and save time – the "Experience" hotel CRM is there for you and supports you constantly. You can now focus instead on meeting your customers' needs during their stay in your hotel


Email campaign & revenue pack

Monthly fees
+ 1€ per room

Master the secrets of hotel email campaigns and increase the income from your business. Create your own campaigns, segment your customers and use our automated email scenarios to save time.

Email campaigns
Automated marketing

* Optional features