Hotel groups: E-mailing automation

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Your goal is to communicate more often to your customers… But :

  • You don’t have enough time?
  • You have nothing to tell?
  • You are not able to analyze your customer base every day to act on it?

Take control of our different automated e-mailing scenarios.

Analyze your customers, Segment and Save time.

Take advantage of the segmentation of your customer base brought by the CRM, thanks to the numerous information collected on your customers, the automation preserves a constant contact with them, at all the moments you consider important, throughout the year.

  • Birthdays, anniversaries
  • Various national holidays
  • Key dates in the calendar (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day)
  • Follow-ups after a certain time (1 year, 3 years)
  • Your own recurring events… and all this without ever spamming your customers

The CRM maintains, in an intelligent and fully automated way, the contact with the customers every day of the year. Refocus on the essential: Taking care of the guests IN the hotel!