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Satisfaction or E-Reputation? That’s the question.

Livre blanc Experience CRM : Satisfaction ou E-réputation ? Telle est la question
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  • What are the essential differences between E-Reputation and Customer Satisfaction?
  • Can they be substituted for each other?
  • Should they be systematically dissociated?
  • How can you get the best out of them when they work in parallel?
  • How can they help you strengthen your online presence?

These two vital elements need to be mastered separately, and combined to get the best out of each, so as to reinforce your brand image, improve interaction with your customers, boost loyalty and direct bookings.

This E-book sheds light on 2 concepts that are part of every hotelier’s day-to-day life, and which too many still confuse: E-Reputation and Customer Satisfaction.

Summary :

  • Introduction

01 – E-Reputation and Customer Satisfaction: Same battle?

1.1 What is E-Reputation?

1.2 What is Customer Satisfaction?

02 – Two indicators not to be mixed UP

2.1 Main differences

2.2 Semantic analysis: A technique with nuances

2.3 E-Reputation and Satisfaction, different but complementary?

03 – How to combine them for a better Customer Experience 

3.1 Good reasons to combine E-Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

3.2 “Live” customer feedback, the engine of your “Online” E-Reputation

  • Conclusion

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Livre blanc Experience CRM : Satisfaction ou E-réputation ? Telle est la question