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Itinerary of a Hotel Guest

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Customer Experience in the hotel industry is a sequence of subtle and meaningful interactions that go beyond the simple business transaction.
The Journey that shapes the Customer Experience encompasses more than the stay itself, embracing every moment and shaping the memorable imprint your establishment leaves in the hearts of your guests.

This White Paper explores the complete customer itinerary to understand the importance of each stage of the journey and the actions that need to be taken, from the first source of inspiration through to departure from the hotel, and beyond.

We’ll also shed light on the tools and functionalities offered by a business CRM dedicated to the hotel industry, to transform each stage into an exceptional Customer Experience.


  • Introduction

01 – Inspiration

02 – Scheduling & Reservation

03 – Anticipation 

04 – In-Town arrival

05 – Hotel arrival & Check-in

06 – During the stay

07 – Check-Out & Guest Departure

08 – Beyond the customer’s stay

09 – At what stages is a CRM useful

  • Conclusion

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