Hotel groups: Boost your Customer Satisfaction

Understanding Guest Experience - Experience Hotel Infographic
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Delivering customer satisfaction is a key priority for hoteliers, and even more so when it concerns a group’s brand image.

Maintaining or improving quality requires conducting frequent customer surveys, but :

  • You don’t have the right tools.
  • You’re short of time.
  • Your database is not centralized across your organization.
  • You don’t have the capacity to link surveys to customer history.
  • You haven’t yet adopted the NPS principle.
  • And after all, OTAs already send out questionnaires… So why bother duplicating efforts?

Discover how CRM Experience can help you automate, centralize and analyze customer satisfaction.

Send out your own questionnaires, survey all your visitors and analyze all feedback in detail.

!!! And because OTAs are already doing it, you need to do it too!!!!

  • Edit your own personalized surveys.
  • Automatically send questionnaires to all your customers.
  • Centralize all customer feedback for all your hotels, on a single interface.
  • Discover the NPS principle to detect “Detractors” and “Promoters”.
  • Through PMS connections:
    • Access an advanced level of analysis, in detail for each item.
    • Access a search history for each customer.
Understanding Guest Experience - Experience Hotel Infographic