An Email to send to your Guests in times of Crisis

Dear hoteliers,

The circumstances are becoming more and more difficult to manage and a lot of hotels have temporarily been forced to close until restrictions are lifted on being able to receive guests again.

These circumstances shouldn’t prevent you from communicating with your customers. Far from it in fact! You absolutely must keep your custmers informed of how the situation is developing and reassure them that you and your team are doing well.

Enjoy reading!

Communication is vital

If you’ve had to temporarily close, do not leave your customers without any updates. You should communicate with them, even if it’s just to inform them out of pure courtesy that you will temporarily be closed.

This simple little email will make all the difference in your customer’s eyes. In their head, you’ll go from “Hotel where I stayed… Perhaps they’re okay!” to “Very nice hotel where I stayed… I’m happy they’re doing okay”.

If you are staying open until orders to the contrary, it is even more important to be proactive and educate them, not only about this fact but about the potential arrangements you are offering them.

Obviously the point of these mails isn’t to bring you in extra bookings. The real aim is to preserve the quality of the relationship that you’ve spent years creating with your customers. Always remember that your old customers are most likely your future customers.

And feel free to send me some of the positive feedback that your customers send you 🙂 I’ll be happy afterwards to add them as some of the results achieved with this article.

How do you send this email campaign?

You’ve got lots of solutions: Mailchimp, SendingBlue, Sarbacane, Revinate, Cendyn, etc.

But in such periods of financial crisis, it’s no longer the time to make additional investments just to stay in contact with your customers.

This is why today I’m doing something that I’ve never done before on my blog and that is actively promoting my hotel CRM. Don’t be surprised or shocked – just wait to read the next few lines to see why I’m being so forward, particularly in these circumstances!

I and my associates have decided to help you maintain contact with your customers FOR FREE* during these difficult circumstances.

We are offering you the means of easily communicating with your customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

By filling out this form, you can freely use our CRM’s email campaign tool and send up to 3 personalised campaigns to all your customers.

Click here to get your free* access to our CRM

Feel free to share this email with all your fellow hoteliers so that they can also use our tool to keep their customers informed of the situation.

Let’s stand together!

Elisa Atlan

* Please note: in order to access this free service, you need to sign up with the professional email address you use for your hotel; after which there will be a manual check of each account to prevent anybody abusing the system.