E-Concierge: Complete the Guest Experience during the stay.

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Your hotel offers many services that your guests can discover during their stay, but : 

  • You only sell these online, on your booking engine.
  • You don’t present them for purchase on OTAs, at the risk of being commissioned on them.
  • You still use printed material for your information and your room directory.
  • You invest considerable costs in publishing all this content.
  • You don’t have any real tools to improve the Customer Experience during the stay.

Provide all your customers with a Web App to access all your content, directly on their phone.

A tool to complete the Experience, generate additional sales and increase customer loyalty.

  • Stop spending a fortune on printing your content.
  • Web App = No App to install on the customer’s phone = Higher adoption rate.
  • Highlight your Room Directory for useful information.
  • Provide access to your E-Conciergerie for additional sales during the stay.
  • Display Extras tailored to your clientele thanks to profile segmentation.
  • Keep a purchase history for regular customers (even within a hotel group).
  • Dematerialized press, loyalty programs, unusual places, social networks…
  • Present whatever you want… Your only limit is Your imagination!