Artificial Intelligence to support your E-Reputation

L'intelligence artificielle révolutionne l'e-réputation
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Artificial Intelligence is a hotly debated topic.
“What will it bring to our business?
“How can we use it wisely?”
“How can we maintain, despite everything, a human interaction with our customers?” Etc…
So many questions for which there are still many answers to be found.

Thanks to CRM Experience, adopt AI to help your teams manage your Customer Relations.

Don’t spend endless time writing responses to customer reviews, don’t feel helpless when faced with bad comments, and respond clearly in the customer’s language, even if you don’t master it.

The AI associated with CRM Experience’s E-reputation module analyzes the customer’s message and creates a response based on the keywords detected, the general sentiment of the review, and your reply instructions… All this in just a few seconds.

L'intelligence artificielle révolutionne l'e-réputation