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1Check was conceptualized in 2011 by Virginie LAFON as part of the Best Craftsmen in France competition, where she emerged as the winner in the Hotel Services Governess class. With the participation of Pierre LAFON, an expert in new mobile technologies, a prototype was developed and implemented in the Radisson Blu hotel as a beta version.

The purpose of this solution is to digitally transform work procedures related to cleanliness, maintenance, and quality control, aiming to improve communication between three main services: reception, housekeeping, and maintenance. Quickly adopted by other accommodation-related sectors facing similar challenges, 1Check is also used in outdoor hospitality, tourist residences, theme parks, cruises, rentals, health, and facility management.


1Check is designed for teams working in interaction throughout the day. Communication and action tracking are immediate and seamless.
As a mobile application, information exchange occurs in real-time among all collaborators, enhancing responsiveness and productivity by reducing movements within the establishment.

Connected bidirectionally to PMS (Property Management System), the 1Check solution automatically retrieves real-time room statuses and facilitates direct mobile terminal status changes.
This enables direct communication with reception teams, real-time room status visibility, and better informing clients about room availability.
In this manner, 1Check also collects reservations, providing access to various predictive modules that facilitate operational management (linen management, schedule management, etc.).

1Check offers a SAAS (Software as a Service) solution, adapting to business-specific needs.
It is an ergonomic, easy-to-deploy solution that equips all staff through a mobile application and an online-accessible software.

Products & Services

1Check oversees the following aspects:

Cleanliness and Quality Management:

  • Track the progress of room services.
  • Know the estimated time of room availability.
  • Have a real-time view of the rooms.
  • Send client requests to various concerned services.
  • Communicate instantly with staff through a messaging system.
  • Automate openings with dynamic credit/work time management.
  • Real-time monitoring and management of room services on different floors.
  • Manage team instructions and tasks as well as client requests.
  • Control rooms and public areas.
  • Report incidents of all types, including maintenance issues with comments and photos.
  • Record and manage found items on the go.
  • Real-time room updates to reception through PMS interface.

Maintenance Management:

  • Receive and manage real-time maintenance requests from chambermaids, governesses, receptionists, or directly from clients using our MAX service.
  • Schedule corrective maintenance actions with external service provider management.
  • Plan and manage preventive maintenance actions on the go with checklists.
  • Oversee all maintenance through tracking indicators and be automatically alerted to abnormal recurrence of a problem in a room or public area.

Reporting and Statistics:

  • Track KPIs and key indicators of one or multiple establishments directly from the 1Check software.
  • Quality control monitoring at all client contact points in the establishment.
  • Visibility into the detailed budget of annual investments.

Additionally, for outdoor hospitality:

  • Manage departure schedules.
  • Manage automated cleaning schedules with area management.
  • Know the real-time availability of accommodation units after cleaning.
  • Send service requests to relevant teams.
  • Send technical incidents to the maintenance department.
  • Manage found items.
  • Receive and manage all real-time technical intervention requests.
  • Manage winterization entries and exits.
  • Conduct regulatory surveys such as water chemistry in pool areas on the go.
  • Have maintenance tracking for each chassis number.
  • Report incidents to the maintenance department from mobile homes.
  • Inspect mobile homes before customer arrival.
  • Communicate via messaging with all campsite staff.

Virtual Assistant:

  • The multilingual assistant accessible via a QR code in the room allows your clients to interact with operational teams from their room without going through the reception.
  • The QR code provides access to a customer web app where they will find your “room directory” (menus, activities, etc.) as well as the “client request” module through which they can make housekeeping or maintenance requests without contact.
  • Requests go directly to the concerned teams in real-time. Information is not lost, and the client is satisfied more quickly for optimal service quality. Additionally, your client can be informed of the progress of their request via SMS.

Languages: French, English

: France, French-speaking countries, UK, English-speaking countries

suitable for: Hotels, Hotel-Restaurants, Hotel Groups, Hotel Residences, Campgrounds, Outdoor Hospitality, etc

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