Asterio by Septeo Hospitality: The 360° solution for your Hotel, Restaurant, and Spa


Septeo Hospitality (formerly Sequoiasoft), the French specialist in software for accommodation, catering and wellness, is at the forefront of technological innovation.

Septeo Hospitality is currently the only French software publisher to offer solutions covering the entire customer journey, from online reservation to check-out, including management of overnight stays, catering, seminars and wellness.

Its solutions reinvent marketing and operations, aiming to optimize workflows, offer improved customer journeys and generate more direct bookings.


Much more than a PMS, Asterio hotel management software acts as a real assistant to optimize your business.

Featuring functions specially designed for hotels and multi-activity establishments, it simplifies the marketing and management of all activities (hotels, restaurants, spas, seminars, boutiques, etc.) with a single customer cardex.

Asterio makes everyday life easier for you and your teams of receptionists, housekeepers, catering staff and so on.
This fully online, mobile and intuitive solution is easy to adopt, guaranteeing ever-increasing customer satisfaction.

Who’s it for? For independent hotels, hotel groups, hotel-restaurants, spa hotels, resorts, residences… Asterio adapts to all establishment configurations with agility: single or multi-establishment, single or multi-activity.

Products & Services

Asterio: much more than a PMS, much better than an all-in-one solution

Asterio speeds up the development of your hotel business with features tailored to your day-to-day needs.
How to market effectively? Manage distribution? Save time? Make the customer experience unforgettable?
Asterio meets all your expectations!


Asterio, your ally for an optimal marketing strategy.
The integrated channel manager simplifies multi-channel management, while the native booking engine enables direct reservations on your site. 

Immediate benefits:
Enhanced digitalization, easier direct marketing, higher revenues!

  • Marketing: price blocks, promotions, gift vouchers, group management, secure payment…
  • Integrated Hotel Restaurant Spa Booking Engine: optimize direct reservations 24/7 from your site, without intermediaries or additional costs. 
  • Native Channel Manager: single interface, total control, responsiveness, reduced costs, perfect synchronization.
  • Website creation: website connected to Asterio, optimized for smooth bookings and efficient conversion.


A complete, ergonomic solution to run your business efficiently?
Asterio, from reservation to invoicing, simplifies every step, offering a personalized experience thanks to its unified cardex, interactive planning, tablet-based order-taking, integrated e-mailing and SMS module, and more.

Immediate benefits:
Easier day-to-day operations, measurable time savings, and a customer experience that sets you apart!

  • Hotel front office: Manage your rooms efficiently, from booking to invoicing, offering a perfect customer experience.
  • Restaurant, bar, point of sale: Asterio helps you optimize your restaurant business by taking orders, collecting cash, managing menus and seating plans.
  • Spa: Spa treatment reservations, scheduling, gift vouchers, Asterio brings together all the features to manage your Spa with maximum benefit.
  • Customer: Asterio records information in a unique customer database, personalizes the experience from the moment the reservation is made, and maintains contact through automatic mailings.


Explore advantages such as accounting exports, connectivity to essential interfaces and specific statistics for efficient, simplified day-to-day management.

Immediate benefits :
Increased activity monitoring, enhanced visibility of your figures and full support to operate and grow your business.

  • BI, reports and statistics: get precise analysis to optimize your management, target new customers and adjust your pricing.
  • Inventory and purchasing: precise management of your inventory and purchases.
  • Accounting management: easily integrate accounting software to export data and statistics.
  • Interfaces: one-way or two-way connectivity with numerous partners selected for the stability of their solutions, their customer service and the values shared by Septeo hospitality.


Septeo Hospitality (formerly Sequoiasoft) has distinguished itself on the French market for 40 years through the quality and accessibility of its sales, account management, customer service, training and support departments.

  • Premium telephone support from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days a week 
  • Permanent, dedicated teams for a personalized, trust-based relationship

The Other Business Solutions:

Restaurateurs, hotel-restaurant owners, hotel-spa operators… Asterio integrates all the features to simplify your daily operations and optimize your performance. Regardless of your establishment profile or activity, Asterio provides simplified and intuitive management and marketing solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs

Optimize your restaurant with Asterio, the 100% web multifunctional software. Streamline reservations, boost revenue, and simplify daily management.

Among other things:

  • Simple product management, with the option of technical data sheets.
  • Advanced pricing management for menus and packages.
  • Management of different sales catalogs by case, etc.

A unique 100% web software for the complete management of hotels and restaurants, facilitating operations and marketing for an efficient dual activity.

Among other things:

  • Management of reservations and orders.
  • Team schedule management, from Housekeeping to Front-Desk and F&B teams..
  • Easy invoicing.

Spa Hotelier:
Manage your spa with a comprehensive software, from daily operations to customer satisfaction. Schedule reservations, treatments, and monitor equipment availability by cabin.

Among other things:

  • Multi-resource management.
  • Visualization of actual availability. Customizable schedule display.
  • Move appointments individually and en masse.
  • Reservation management for events.

A versatile software for the integrated management of hotels, restaurants, and spas. Simplify reservations, promotions, schedules, gift vouchers, and customer management in one tool!

Among other things:

  • Simplification of the customer journey covering accommodation, catering and wellness.
  • Centralization of multi-activity services.
  • Access to all activity schedules. Quickly allocate human or material resources and efficiently manage bookings.

In addition to Asterio, Septeo is also the designer of:

logo-winrestauThe cash register and management solution tailored to the needs of independent restaurants, to optimize your restaurant management with simplicity, from touch-based order taking to payment management.

cbp-restau-asterioAnother integrated cash register software, optimizing the management of your activities for exceptional business performance. Simplify reservations, orders, and payments to welcome your customers efficiently.

logo-nympheaSoftware for hotel and urban spas, thalassotherapy centers, and thermal baths. The solution centralizes and optimizes all operations. Its booking engine facilitates the scheduling of treatments based on the availability of therapists, cabins, and equipment, maximizing the efficiency of your establishment.

logo-e-nympheaOnline reservation solution for spas, ensuring secure 24/7 bookings with online payment. Real-time synchronization with Nymphéa optimizes schedule management, updates loyalty points, invoicing, and statistics. The marketing platform promotes promotion, customer tracking, and loyalty.

logo-eseasonDedicated solution for outdoor hospitality, optimizing campground management. Designed in collaboration with industry professionals, the software aims to increase productivity by instantly visualizing availability and optimizing occupancy rates.
Features include: dynamic pricing, group stay management, and tools to develop your marketing strategies.

logo-resalys-neoThe Cloud solution dedicated to large accommodation groups, such as tourist residences, holiday villages, hotel chains, campgrounds, social and solidarity tourism, or company committees. The 100% Cloud software Resalys, the result of 20 years of technological innovation, offers a unique solution bringing together connected CRS and PMS in a complete ecosystem. Resalys neo, connected to a global ecosystem via web API, constantly expands its partnerships, opening up new possibilities. Automation of operations, precise marketing, counter-proposal engine, integrated marketing programs, revenue management, all in one for various establishments.

CRM connection: 1Way official (2Way in progress)

Languages: French, English

Zone: France

Software suitable for: Hotels, Hotel groups, Hotel residences, Hotel-restaurants, Spa-hotels, resorts etc.

Website: link to the asterio website:

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