eZee Technosys: A hotel software with solid foundations.


Established in 2005, eZee boasts over a decade of profound experience in travel technology, specializing in effective and upgradable tech solutions.

Their commitment revolves around unraveling the key to outstanding guest service and enhanced profit margins for the hospitality industry through their products and services.
Recognized with awards, their products empower property owners to convert, analyze, and broaden their reach, leading to increased revenue.


Crafted with the expansiveness of hospitality operations in mind, their products adhere to global technology standards, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of the industry.

The cloud-based hotel Property Management System (PMS) automates critical tasks, including front-office operations, bookings, accounting information, guest check-in/check-out, room assignment, and other daily hotel functions. This allows hoteliers to streamline operations and focus more on providing excellent service to their guests.

eZee Absolute, is a highly flexible and user-friendly cloud PMS, simplifying hotel operations. By integrating all the software features, it empowers hoteliers to seize every opportunity to enhance business revenue.

Products & Services

eZee Absolute is a complete cloud-based hotel PMS system that automates the availability zone of hotel operations, from check-in and check-out to reservations, billing and housekeeping.
What does it include?

1 - Reservation Center

eZee’s reservation system provides a user-friendly interface, offering detailed room rates and availability for efficient tracking and increased hotel revenue.

Dashboard Interface:

User-friendly display showing room status, availability, out-of-order rooms, future bookings, and more for specific dates.

Room Interface:

Detailed, real-time display of all rooms, enabling vigilant monitoring of their status

Statistical Interface:

Efficient live summary, both statistical and graphical, of rooms and inventory

Unified Interface:

Effortlessly monitor hotel transactions, check rates, availability, bookings, and more from the dashboard

Availability and Rate Chart:

eZee PMS provides crucial data, offering immediate access to rates and room availability, along with specific search criteria and a seasonal rate chart displaying all available inventory.

Flexible Group Management:

eZee’s hotel management system enables seamless group operations. Conduct group bookings, Group Check In, Check Out, Amend Stay, and more from a single point.

2 - Profile Management:

eZee Absolute simplifies managing multiple guest profiles and effortlessly maintains various booking sources like travel agents and room owners.

Corporate Guest Profile:

Create a company profile in eZee Absolute to store information of corporate guests, enabling easy identification and efficient management at your property.

Room Owner Profile:

Manage rooms through room owner profiles, where rooms are assigned to owners. As property investors, pay them commission for generated revenue.

Travel Agent Profile:

PMS manages Travel Agent accounts, calculates commissions, tracks payments, and handles invoices, reducing time consumed over offline bookings.

Business Source Profile:

Organize business source profiles to maintain records of transactions with third-party services like car rentals, travel agents, bifurcating payments efficiently.

3 - Front-Office operations

As the hotel’s heart, front office, the first guest contact, delivers a phenomenal experience with eZee Absolute software.

Room Allocations:

Allocate rooms based on guest preferences easily, either automatically or manually. 

Registration Card:

Create customizable registration cards conveniently for the day’s arrivals with the software. 

Manage Paymaster Rooms:

virtual, they preserve inventory and revenue when a customer wishes to keep a reservation without staying for several days, by temporarily moving the reservation.


eZee web PMS simplifies check-in with advance charges, key cards, SMS/e-mail notifications. Day-use check-in allocates rooms for same-day check-out. Mobile Customer Portal for pre-registration


eZee PMS facilitates departure with late departure charges, invoicing, multi-currency payments, folio transfers and automated post-departure feedback management.

Room Moves / Stay Amendments:

The front desk easily manages requests, room changes and compensations. The system automatically updates inventory on all channels and the website, maximizing opportunities.


eZee PMS supports Housekeeping with a user-friendly module, displaying room status, automatically recording daily remarks, and informing reception in real time.

4 - Charges, Deposits, Invoicing:

eZee’s hotel software seamlessly handles booking charges, deposits, and deferred payments in any currency for ultimate convenience.

Room charges :

Define charges by room type and rate plan in eZee. They apply at the time of booking, and are automatically recorded after the nightly audit.

Extra Charges / Inclusion:

Configure and add extra charges for guest services in eZee. Charges post automatically or manually based on your criteria.

Transfer from POS:

Seamlessly transfer restaurant charges to the guest folio in eZee PMS. Effortlessly manage room service operations with the integrated Restaurant POS.

Keep Track of Deposits:

eZee lets you post pre-arrival payments as deposits on your regular folio. The PMS system automatically tracks, invoices, and consumes received deposits for your bookings.

Supports Multiple Payments:

eZee PMS accommodates various payments on a single folio, allowing guests to pay part by credit card and the rest in local currency. It also handles negative value payments for guest refunds.

5 - What Else?

1 – eZee Reservation:
Online Hotel Booking Engine

  • Responsive and easy to use Interactive
  • Plug & Play Widgets
  • Efficient rate management
  • Package, deals & promotions Yield Management
  • Multilingual & Multi-currency
  • Guest Engagement
  • Statistics, reports & logs
  • Competitors’ rate analysis

2 – eZee Panorama:
Website Builder

  • Enhances online presence
  • Builds better guest experience
  • Improves brand awareness
  • Enables stronger SEO capabilities
  • Creates a competitive advantage
  • Dedicated website designer
  • Free hosting and SSL
  • SEO-friendly site

3 – eZee Optimus:
Online Restaurant POS System

  • Menu Management
  • Restaurant Tablet POS
  • Customer Engagement
  • Suitable for Restaurant Chains
  • Inventory and stock management
  • Cashier shift management
  • Billing and payments
  • Pre-defined & customized reports
  • Multi-language and Multi-currency

4 – eZee Mint:
The hotel Revenue Experts

  • Multi-dimensional Profile Analysis
  • Intelligent Pricing Strategy
  • Optimum Visibility
  • Extensive Market Insights
  • Booking Pattern Analysis
  • Competitor Rate Analysis
  • Property Assessment
  • Open New Revenue Streams

5 – eZee Centrix:
Online Hotel Channel Manager

  • Superfast Inventory Distribution
  • Detailed Business Insights
  • Easy Yield Management
  • OTA Vouchers
  • Channel Manager Mobile App
  • Rate Threshold
  • Credit Card Verification
  • Competitor Rate Analysis
  • Optimized Inventory Allocation
  • Instant Bulk Updates
  • Foreign currency updates
  • Manage OTA Promotion

CRM Connection: 2Way Official

Languages: English

Areas: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America

Suitable for: Hotels, Hotel Groups, Residences, Apartment Managers, Hotel Resorts.

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