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Guestline empowers hoteliers to achieve ambitious goals with confidence.

With over 30 years of expertise in hospitality software design, Guestline comprehends the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry.
Whether an independent hotel or a hotel group, Guestline’s fully integrated, cloud-based solutions offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and ways to unlock the full potential, optimizing revenues and bookings.

As a prominent player in cloud-based technology, Guestline is committed to delivering more to hoteliers – more revenue, direct bookings, guest time, insight, confidence, and satisfaction. The platform is meticulously crafted with these aspirations in mind.


Guestline delivers cutting-edge property management and distribution software to the hospitality industry.
Founded on cloud-based technology, Guestline’s innovative solutions empower hotel groups, independents, serviced apartments, management companies, and pub companies to attain peak occupancy at optimal rates.

Integrated seamlessly into Guestline’s distribution and central reservation platforms, the property management software is currently boosting revenues for businesses in 20 countries across 5 continents. It enables properties of all sizes to achieve maximum occupancy at the most profitable rate.

Guestline’s product range includes Rezlynx PMS, online booking manager, CRS, channel distribution manager, PCI compliance, and EPoS systems.

Products & Services

1 - Guestline Rezlynx Cloud PMS :

Rezlynx PMS, by Guestline, automates tasks and equips teams with tools for streamlined daily operations.

Fully configurable, PCI compliant, and with real-time rate and availability management, this cloud-hosted solution supports hotels or groups of any size.

With visibility across online channels and seamless integration with OTAs, GDS, and other Guestline and third-party systems, manage bookings and operations effortlessly from a centralized location.

Rezlynx PMS in a nutshell

  • A single solution that supports Front Office, Reservations, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Revenue Management, and Accounting teams
  • Cloud-based software for any device
  • 3rd Party interfaces to enhance and complement existing functionality
  • Guest payments simplified with GuestPay
  • Certified 2-ways Best Western CRS interface
  • Secure and compliant with global and local requirements
  • Connexion officielle 2Way avec le CRM Experience.

A little bit More ?

Centralised management: Creation and oversight of bookings for multiple properties from a single, web-capable device.

Easy rate plans: Easily craft and manage rate and availability plans with real-time updates.

Region-specific accounting: Implement region-specific accounting for local taxes and generate required reports.

: Customise user accounts easily to quickly access commonly used features.

Branded email templates: Utilize secure and compliant branded email templates, ensuring payments and profiles adhere to Level 1 PCI Certification and GDPR.

Manage mid-stay room moves: Transfer reservations between properties or shift to another room type without creating new reservations.

2 - Guestline DBM - Hospitality Booking Engine

In the era of online hotel booking as the new norm, a powerful website and booking engine are crucial to seize sales opportunities effectively.

With the rise of third-party comparison platforms and increased travel interest, guests are choice-rich and patience-poor. Seeking unique experiences, they are less loyal, challenging hoteliers. COVID-19 has heightened tech-savviness, making it harder and costlier to stand out.

A robust online presence is essential. Optimize your website and digital marketing for 24/7 cost-efficient bookings, establishing strong, lasting guest relationships from the start.

Direct Booking Manager in a nutshell

  • Easy installation on any website
  • Quick, smart and intuitive booking process from any device or browser
  • Personalise stay with contextualised extras based on rate plan
  • Secure and compliant payments with a built-in payment gateway
  • Automation at its best, from search to reservation with strong two-way PMS interface
  • Enhance/complement the booking experience and track performance with 3rd party tools via Google Tag Manager


A little bit More?

Search: Live PMS availability and rates based on a smart calendar and relevant parameters.

Comparison: The most relevant information to compare and book the desired stay.

Personalisation: Contextualised extras based on rate plan to enhance the stay experience.

Payment: Process secure and compliant payments with built-in payment gateway.

Confirmation: Reservation is automatically updated in the PMS & confirmation email sent to the booker.

3 - Food & Beverage, Seminar and Banqueting Management:

The Advanced Conference and Banqueting Solution optimizes Food & Beverage management, enhancing revenue for conference venues, wedding venues, and hotel groups. From inquiries to contracts and checklists, it reduces operational workloads and enhances customer service.

Integrated with our property management system, it offers real-time client data visibility, allowing the management of combined conference and bedroom bookings centrally. Stay on top of invoicing effortlessly.

Advanced F&B Manager in a nutshell

  • Generate bespoke function sheets and pro-forma invoices
  • Combine bedroom and event billing
  • Create and save menu templates for functions
  • Create bespoke fields and attributes
  • Produce custom revenue reports

A little bit More?

Create templatesConfigure your own templates to include F&B, notes, function rooms & more. Making future events a breeze.

Fully integrated: he events diary is fully integrated with Guestline’s PMS, so you can check availability and upsell rooms to your delegates in one screen

Collaborate with ease: Assign tasks to staff members with handy reminders to ensure you have everything in place for the big event

4 - GuestStay :

Elevate guest experience with seamless digital registration, check-in, and check-out.

Digital registrations and self-service kiosks redefine hospitality, offering a stress-free experience. Imagine no front desk lines, a secure registration process, and the flexibility for guests to choose between classic reception and self-service.

GuestStay lets guests skip queues, providing a faster start to their stay. Hotels can focus on improving their bottom line, catering to tech-savvy guests seeking a self-guided experience.

GuestStay in a nutshell

  • Easy to install: GuestStay is part of the cloud-based Guestline platform – making set-up and configuration quick and easy
  • Focus on brand experience: GuestStay’s branding engine ensures your guest-facing touchpoints – from the web portal through to emails – are styled with your logo, brand colours, and imagery
  • No apps to install: GuestStay works in any modern web browser
  • Breaking language barriers: GuestStay is available in 9 languages, allowing guests to manage their stay natively (English, French, German, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Thai)
  • Always compliant: avoid costly penalties related to GDPR, PSD2 and PCI-DSS Level 1

A little bit More?

Registration: Prior to arrival, guests receive an email to complete their registration.
Reservation and guest profiles are automatically updated in the PMS and the registration card is stored and deleted in a timely manner to ensure compliance

Confirmation: After check-in, guests receive a digital copy of their registration to store in their Apple Wallet and use a reference as they interact with the hotels facilities and services.

Monitor: Send guests a link to access a live view of their balance throughout their stay directly from the PMS

Payment: On the day of departure guests can securely settle their balance online with GuestPay

5 - Newbridge E-POS :

Guestline are pleased to offer our newly acquired Guestline Newbridge EPOS Software, this will free you from the pains of server management, give you the freedom to monitor, report and manage your system from any device at any time, and allow your guests can order for delivery, collection or table service

Newbridge EPoS helps you to:

Reduce Manual Tasks: Ease guest experience: automate restaurant charges to room bills, preventing revenue loss and eliminating manual PMS updates and frustrations.

No longer worry about a server: Eliminate disruptions: Our cloud-based EPoS removes server issues, reducing costs and hassle. One less worry on your list.

Stay in control from anywhere: Escape on-site constraints: Access and modify your EPOS configuration remotely from any device, enabling swift changes to products, menus, and prices.

Get clear reporting: Gain insights effortlessly: Newbridge EPoS provides 60+ real-time reports accessible from anywhere. Schedule email delivery for seamless, remote reviews and multi-site group-level management.

Get a better view of income: Boost clarity and efficiency: Guestpay, coupled with our system, centralizes financial transactions, cutting time and costs by minimizing manual data entry and reconciliation.

Boost your direct revenue with integrated vouchers: Boost revenue in advance: Provide guests with easily reconcilable monetary or experience vouchers, allowing pre-revenue generation before redemption

2Way CRM connection.

Languages: French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Thaï, etc.

Region: Europe, Asia, North America, South America.

Software suitable for: Hotels, Hotel Groups, Hotel Residences, Restaurants, Bars

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