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The History

HotelPartner is a recognized service provider in the fields of Revenue Management and hotel distribution. Since 2006, HotelPartner has been helping hoteliers optimize their profitability sustainably, guiding them towards a more prosperous and secure future. HotelPartner realizes this vision through the synergy of TET, comprised of qualified teams (T), proven expertise (E), and the utilization of cutting-edge technologies (T).

Through this approach, HotelPartner proactively assists establishments in increasing their revenue and reducing costs. Driven by values of optimization, success, and security, HotelPartner is a reliable partner for hotels aiming to grow and stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

The values


Ensure long-term success and competitive advantage through continuous optimization of performance, efficiency, revenue management, and distribution strategy.

Take advantage of the opportunity to replace personnel representing a certain cost while gaining greater flexibility, allowing for the allocation of resources to reserves and investments.


Profitability, Growth, Market Advantage, and Entrepreneurial Freedom are inseparable priorities for the success of revenue management.

Ensure long-term business development through daily commitment to optimizing revenue and costs.


Ensure short, medium, and long-term success in performance.

React quickly and strategically to any given market situation through proactive control and open windows of opportunity to maximize profits.

Products & Services

The T.E.T. Synergy: A Comprehensive Support Service

Qualified teams to successfully optimize your hotel.

Revenue Management & Distribution:
Improve performance and maximize profitability through expertise in Revenue Management and Distribution.

Content Management:
Enhance online visibility through content management services to perfect the online presence.

Implementation & On-boarding:
Improve efficiency and streamline automation through a seamless transition to the HotelPartner performance platform.

Technology and Data Science:
Secure cutting-edge technology used for operational needs and enjoy significant benefits, rapid response times, and seamless data communication through highly optimized interfaces.

Over 17 years of experience and collaboration with hundreds of hotels.

Revenue Management Strategy:
Ensure sustainable growth for hotels by enabling HotelPartner experts to integrate key information into the revenue management strategy, thus providing a crucial advantage over competitors.

Revenue Management Optimization:
Increase profitability through the commitment of teams to constantly optimize the performance and efficiency of the revenue management strategy.

Inventory & Distribution Management:
Streamline distribution and seamlessly manage inventory across multiple booking channels through the automation and expertise of HotelPartner.

A unique platform bringing together all key tools for revenue management and online distribution.

Revenue Management System:
Through automated rule-based pricing and granular customization, HotelPartner ensures that the full potential of the revenue management system is maximized daily based on a personalized strategy. Supported by AI and machine learning, data is continuously considered and utilized by strategic expertise to consistently optimize revenue potential.

Integrated Channel Manager:
Manage inventory transparently across multiple booking channels through the integrated bidirectional channel manager and strategic expertise. Integrated with a revenue management strategy, distribution and inventory management benefit from total connectivity, real-time updates, and automation to enhance operational efficiency.

Business Intelligence Tools:
Make informed decisions for hotels by leveraging powerful analytics to gain in-depth insights into market trends, customer behavior, and performance indicators.

Included BI tools:
* Rate Shopper
* Market Data
* Forecasts and Upsells
* Reservation Analysis
* Customized Data Overview

Front-Office and Back-Office Tools:
Enhance operational efficiency through front-office and back-office tools, reducing employee workload. With a bidirectional interface, reservations, pricing, and market data are updated in real-time and communicated seamlessly across all connectivities.

This enables:
* Seamless booking processes
* Automated inventory management
* Dynamic offer management
* Automated report generation
* Data overview

Web Booking Engine:
Encourage potential customers to book directly on official websites through a user-friendly Web Booking Engine (WBE). A simple and secure booking experience to boost conversion rates. HotelPartner’s WBE increases revenue by customizing the site with a web developer linked to content management teams.

Languages: French, German, English, Italian, Spanish

Regions: Europe, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.

Software Suitable for: Hotels, Hotel Groups

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