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“Who has never experienced a certain weariness, a feeling of social isolation during professional travel?”

Local Business Hub, a business customer relationship management consulting agency, has developed Hotelub, digital network solutions designed to enhance communication dedicated to business travelers and employees on professional journeys.

Aligned with corporate travel policies, the Hotelub application becomes a digital tool that fosters professional social connections, promoting instant interaction among colleagues during their business trips. It also establishes a benevolent network connection with their company and with partner hotels focused on providing quality personalized service for business clients, including corporate stays and seminars.

Whether between flights, on a train, during a hotel stay, at a national convention, an international congress, a seminar, or training, Hotelub facilitates qualified networking moments, enabling connections through its application.

Hotelub is your digital network communication tool that places human interaction at the heart of the caring journey of professional travel.


Hotelub is a tool for instant and interactive digital professional networking. It leverages the strength and power of its own professional social network combined with the relevance of (geo)location, compassionately addressing the support of nomadic employees (ending social isolation, duty of care, networking…).

By harnessing the power of its professional social network and the relevance of location, Hotelub’s technology enables the community of nomadic employees (corporate & Mice) to achieve optimal networking at the “here and now,” thereby promoting social connections at their convenience.

In parallel, to address the well-being, health, and safety concerns (QVCT) of nomadic employees, a “duty of care” functionality has been developed for companies. This feature allows bilateral targeted and synchronized communication to “inform, communicate, and locate” instantly when a significant event defined by the company and/or the employee requires an alert.

Available as a White Label solution, this tool for instant connections seamlessly integrates into the Travel policy of each company.

Products & Services

Receptionists, Front Desk Manager, Seminar Manager, Hotel Management, Executive Assistant, and more.

Business Travelers
Sales Representative, Traveling Salesperson, Self-Employed Professional, Middle or Upper Management, Civil Servant, Business Owner, Technician, Worker… anyone on business trips, whether in France or internationally.

Travel Manager, Corporate Travel Coordinator, Travel Risk Manager, Human Resources Director, Sales Management…


Adapted, intuitive, and high-performing, the hotelier web app is an undeniable competitive advantage within an ultra-connected customer segment.

  • Corporate & Seminar Customer Service
  • ROI Optimization
  • Loyalty & Acquisition

The digital solution Hotelier Web App HOTELUB, combined with the free HOTELUB application, allows:

For the Seminar Sales Service:

  • To organize interactive connected meetings in your meeting spaces
  • To stand out from MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions) competition
  • Independently manage interactions with your seminar clients
  • To add value to your meeting spaces
  • To create a qualified file of your seminar clientele (exportable as CSV).

To the Reception Team and/or Reservation Service:

  • Connect to the Hotelub social network activated in your hotel
  • Optimize and ensure optimum Corporate Customer Service (bi-relational management)
  • Support affiliated companies and their business travelers directly
  • Promote direct bookings for OPEN BOOKING stays
  • Develop E-concierge services (additional sales)
  • Create a qualified file of your Corporate Clientele (exportable as CSV).


Whether you are responsible for seminars in the hotel industry, an event agency, a trainer, a manager in a company, etc., stand out and add rhythm to the meetings you organize with the EVENTS module published by HOTELUB.

  • Interaction
  • Collaboration
  • Efficiency

An essential digital cornerstone of your events, integrated into the Web App solutions for HOTELS & COMPANIES, combined with the HOTELUB application, the EVENTS module published by HOTELUB allows you to:

To manage and organize 100% interactive meetings with your audience.

  • Event code transmitted to participants (one per meeting)
  • Upload of the event program
  • Private chat: before, during, and after the event
  • Interactive push notifications (schedule reminders, room names, etc.)
  • Facilitated networking with and among participants
  • Interactive agenda
  • Interactive appointments
  • Document storage

To captivate and interactively channel your audience.

  • Discussion room for questions and answers
  • Unlimited polls: before, during, and after the event

To have a privileged participatory relationship with participants.

  • Access to the social network dedicated to your event
  • Accessible and shared participant database
  • Differentiated participant experience: rhythm, efficiency, speed

: French, English, Spanish

Region: France, Europe

Software suitable for: Hotels, Hotel Groups, business clientele segment (corporate, seminars…)

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