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The History

Medialog was born in the 90s from the encounter between young computer scientists in their twenties, as ingenious as they were determined, and growing hoteliers, curious pioneers, passionate visionaries, anxious to integrate new technologies into the day-to-day running of their business.

Their unique hybrid technology, combined with the experience of their history, guarantees you reliable value at the right price and excellent service, so you can concentrate on your core business with a clear mind. In 2023, Medialog will have more than 18,000 users, a sure bet that’s constantly evolving.

The Technology

Medialog’s hybrid technology, which originated in the industrial sector, is designed to ensure the highest possible availability of your IT systems, by anticipating any breakdowns that could affect them. What does it involve?

  • All computer data entered by your company is stored locally on your server computer and sent in real time via the Internet, to be stored in the cloud in a data center.
  • Conversely, all computer data entered via the Internet is stored in the cloud data center and sent in real time to your establishment on your server computer.
  • Official 2Way connection with CRM Experience

The Products & Services

Medialog Hôtel (PMS): For independent hoteliers and hotel groups

The Medialog hotel PMS is an innovative solution that adapts to the needs of your establishment, facilitating and optimizing your entire hotel management process. Its hybrid Cloud & local architecture ensures the flexibility, performance and digital security of your business. This unique technology guarantees uninterrupted operation of the PMS, whatever the quality of your IT environment, and permanent access in the event of Internet network breakdown or failure of your local server. The maturity of this product, used by tens of thousands of users, guarantees its richness, intuitiveness and robustness.

  • Planning management.
  • Individual and group reservation management.
  • Customizable editions.
  • Billing management.
  • Room inventory management.
  • Daily, monthly and annual activity management and closing.
  • Rate management.

Medialog point of sale (POS): For Restaurants, Bars, Boutiques

For tailor-made, extra-smooth sales and service.

The Medialog software package enables you to optimize your business management tasks in real time.
From ordering to production and billing, the POS is designed to save time and productivity.
You can focus on what’s most important: the quality of your service!

Medialog POS adapts to all types of restaurant/bar/shop establishments.
Its unique hybrid architecture – local & cloud – brings security, openness, flexibility and performance to your entire business.

  • Daily and periodic statistics to track revenues evolution.
  • Multi-store management and invoicing.
  • Creation, configuration and management of multi-level product grids.
  • Print orders at production points.
  • Software secured by user badge.
  • Meal card management.

Medialog Web Dispo : For Hotel Groups

With WebDispo, you can consult your hotel group’s management data at any time and from any mobile device – tablet, smartphone or computer.

You get an overview of figures and statistical data, either by hotel group or by establishment.
You can view availabilities, schedules by room and room type, daily and monthly closings, consolidated results and the forecast booking status of the hotels in your group for the day, week, month and up to three years.

  • Display management data by hotel group or by hotel.
  • View room availability.
  • View reservations.
  • View arrivals and departures.
  • View hotel statistics by occupancy rate, average price and RevPar.
  • Summarize sales by hotel and sales family.
  • Consolidation of sales by hotel. Unlimited number of group hotels.
  • Data export in Excel format.
  • View your hotel’s parameters.

Medialog MedApps

MedApps is a mobile tool that enables you to welcome and check-in your guests simply and discreetly, as soon as they arrive at the hotel.

Synchronized with your Medialog hotel PMS database, this high-performance tool gives you access to information relating to your customer’s stay, and helps reduce waiting time at check-in and check-out: it enhances customer relations to build loyalty.


  • Customer information entered on arrival at the hotel and validated by electronic signature.
  • Automatic synchronization of information with the hotel PMS Medialog Kardex.


  • Consultation and validation of the invoice by the customer.
  • Saves time.

Housekeeping :

  • Room list management in digital format.
  • Real-time visualization of actions carried out by your housekeepers.
  • Updates via Medialog hotel PMS.

CRM Connection: 2Way Official.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian

 Area: Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania

 Software suitable for: Hotels, Hotel groups, Hotel residences, Restaurants, Bars

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