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MyBAKUP: The 1st Network between Healthcare Professionals and Travelers


We have all traveled far from home at least once. Regardless of the reason or destination, a common essential need brings us all together: the ability to return home, satisfied with our stay and in good health.

Health is the cornerstone of everyone’s well-being.
The medical care should be approached with the same serenity on foreign soil as it is in our daily lives.

Faced with the difficulty of accessing healthcare or communicating with healthcare professionals in a language that is not our own, MyBAKUP has developed a network of local professionals to support all travelers, whether occasional or frequent, young or old, in the face of uncertainties that some journeys may entail, ensuring that they are never alone.


MyBAKUP geolocates your guests and indicates the number of healthcare professionals around them.
The choice of a healthcare professional is based on various criteria such as the spoken language and qualifications of the healthcare professional.
It is then possible to consult in person, through teleconsultation, or at home directly at the vacation location.
With integrated payment, consultation fees are securely settled through the application.

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At each stage of their journey, travelers find the nearest and most suitable healthcare professional.
The use of filters refines searches and quickly identifies a healthcare professional that meets their needs.
The Offline* mode allows, in case of network loss, downloading a map of the nearest doctors at the vacation location to contact them.

The application allows visualization and referencing of professionals based on:

  • Proximity
  • Spoken languages
  • Consultation cost
  • Qualifications
  • Opening hours

After connecting with a general practitioner or specialist based on chosen criteria, travelers keep a healthcare professional at their fingertips, ready to receive them when needed.
Appointments are quickly scheduled in a few clicks, at the convenience of travelers and based on the practitioner’s availability.
The consultation is then provided at the practitioner’s office, through video conference, or, if necessary, directly at home at the vacation location.

Data Management and Secure Payment:
The application allows payment for each consultation with confidence and in an encrypted manner.
The cost of the consultation is sometimes a deciding factor, and MyBAKUP provides all information in advance.
All medical data of travelers is encrypted and secured on a certified personal health data host.

MyBAKUP Charter:
Practitioners registered on the application commit to respecting the MyBAKUP Medical Ethics Charter.
This Charter includes the ethical provisions defined by authorized medical organizations and associations that adopt rules in this field.
The legitimacy of this Charter stems from the extensive work carried out for years by the European Conference of Medical Associations and other similar organizations.
Review it HERE

Languages: French, English, for the application. All local languages for connections.

Region: Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania

Application suitable for: Hotels, Hotel Groups, Residences, Campings, etc.

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