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My Groom Service : A specialized web agency to satisfy you.


My Groom Service is, above all, a team of professional and passionate collaborators who come together around values of seriousness, service, and ambition.

At the beginning is the expertise and success of a web agency dedicated to real estate, La Boite Immo. This agency quickly became a leader in its field.
Soon, a realization emerged: real estate agencies and hoteliers face similar issues and needs.
Large internet portals compromise the autonomy of these independent establishments.

Jonathan Jourdan, founder and CEO of the company, takes on this project, leveraging concrete and validated experience.
Quickly, he assembles a team, including Alexandre Roy, Associate Technical Director, and hotel industry experts like Julien Apercé, Commercial Director, who has a background in hotel management.


Since the inception of My Groom Service, the goal has been to provide powerful yet cost-effective professional communication solutions for the hospitality industry.
As purchasing behaviors evolve with the influence of the internet, My Groom Service is dedicated to enabling you to maintain your independence.

The cornerstone of this web communication is the website.
Technology, design, ergonomics, rich editorial and media content, integrated tools, everything is put in place to optimize the message you want to convey.
In the constant effort to enhance the user experience, My Groom Service integrates and centralizes software revolving around hotel websites, including reputation management software and a price comparison navigation assistant.

To expand their expertise, My Groom Service acquired the web agency Atek in 2020, which provided communication solutions for campsites, lodgings, and guesthouses, as well as the company OptimResa in 2023, specializing in supporting hotels with Yield Management

Products & Services


As experts in hotel web design, My Groom Service assists you in choosing the best architecture, textual content, media, and optimizing the user experience with fully integrated reservation-oriented software.

1 – “Home-Made” Custom Code:
Websites entirely designed from scratch with in-house code tailored by developers to make them efficient and fast for navigation.
Fundamental criteria for Google’s algorithm.
In comparison to most websites not created by a web agency, which are built with a CMS like WordPress and do not provide the best visibility conditions.

2 – UI: Custom Design:
Clean and immersive, this concerns the design and ergonomics of website architectures. Several ranges are available for the realization of your sites, depending on your needs and budget. These ranges can be discovered directly on the My Groom Service website here:

3 – Rich Content:
Through the alchemy of texts and media, professional web writing brings an SEO-friendly notion for a favorable view of content richness on search engines like Google, resulting in better indexing of your website. Add to this photo reports, video creations, or even cinemagraphs (animated photographs with a slight repetitive movement).

4 – UX: 100% Integrated Booking Engine and Price Comparator:
From the homepage to the final reservation, the visitor stays on a website with a single domain name, a single web page, and a unified graphic charter. This guides future clients to the right place!
The navigation assistant, which communicates with the booking engine and the website, also significantly contributes to enhancing this user experience.

Web Marketing:

Web marketing involves carrying out targeted and efficient actions to bring your website to life by providing visibility and an audience. My Groom Service’ support focuses on three main communication channels.

1 – Search Engines:
Ensure your site has the best possible positioning in Google search engine results by activating natural referencing and paid referencing, also known respectively as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising).

2 – Social Media:
While they are free to reach your first circle of friends, they require an investment to target a population that does not yet know you through community management. Platforms include Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.

3 – Customer Review Platforms:
A decisive criterion to trigger a reservation, customer ratings and reviews need to be managed with precision and consistency. My Groom Service has developed software that centralizes all new reviews, alerts you to respond, and increases the number of reviews by stimulating your clients.


Specialized business software fully integrated into your website.

My Groom Service is the first hospitality-focused web marketing agency to develop a range of business tools that are coherent, relevant, and easily manageable from a single administration platform.

1 – NEO, Integrated Booking Engine:MiniPicMyGroom1

  • 100% integrated into the website
  • Connected to your Online Travel Agencies (OTA) & Property Management System (PMS)
  • Special offer editing

2 – ECHO, Reputation Enhancer:

  • Centralizes the management of customer reviews
  • Sends satisfaction questionnaires
  • Publishes on major review platforms

3 – CO-PILOT, Navigation Assistant.

  • Price comparison
  • Practical information
  • Special offers
  • Customer reviews

Yield & Revenue Management

Or “how to delegate and professionalize your pricing strategy.”

Mastering the management of key performance indicators (KPIs) is the key to success!
Occupancy Rate, Average Room Rate, RevPAR, or average length of stay. What to do with these valuable data?
Yield management should no longer be elitist and exclusively dedicated to upscale establishments.
Every hotel, campground, or guesthouse should feel concerned about these matters.

The support provided by Optim’Resa helps develop a powerful and efficient methodology based on practical experience; don’t miss out!

  • Audit: Listening, analysis, and objectives.
  • Pricing Strategy: Expertise and personalization.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Competition, events, increase in demand.
  • Pricing: Property Management System (PMS), Online Travel Agencies (OTA), Global Distribution System (GDS), Official Website.

Languages: French, English

Regions: France, Europe

Suitable for: Independent Hotels, Hotel Groups, Complexes, Resorts, Outdoor Hospitality, Campsites, etc.

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