Peek’In: The Lost and Found Management Solution for Professionals

The History

Launched at the end of 2017, developed in 2018, and brought to market in 2019, Peek’In is a Nantes-based startup founded by Jérôme Pasquet and Jérôme Dumas with the aim of making Peek’In the standard for lost and found management in the Hospitality & Travel industry!
Their ambition: to ensure that forgetting an item is no longer a disappointing experience at the end of a stay or journey.

The Technology

Transforming Hoteliers’ Lost Items into Customer Satisfaction and Employee Well-being.

The Peek’In application has been designed in collaboration with hoteliers and is continually enhanced based on customer requests from various sectors. It’s a co-development process with simplicity as a guiding principle.

Learn more: https://peekin.me/produit/

Why choose Peek'in?

Time savings

Space Saving

Customer Satisfaction Enhancement & Employee Well-being

Save time to focus on core hotelier tasks.

Through the automation of time-consuming actions, Peek’In saves valuable time, making professionals more available for their clients.

The Peek’In platform is designed to be user-friendly, making lost and found management straightforward without requiring a complex learning curve.

Reassure user clients with a professional and reliable service.

Peek’In enables quick and entirely secure return of lost items (transport, banking, and personal details).

Developing a Close Relationship with Customers:
Strengthen the relationship by providing innovative and personalized service in case of forgotten items. Owners will be appreciative!

Enhancing Hotel Service Quality:
Announcing positive news to your clientele improves your reputation and communicates it to potential future clients, thereby showcasing the quality of your hotel service.

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Regions: France, Spain, UK, Benelux, Switzerland, Germany

Software Suitable for: Hotels, Hotel Groups, Hotel Residences

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