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The History

Founded more than 35 years ago, Planet has evolved its services by offering an innovative digital commerce platform that prioritizes the customer experience.

  • In 2021, Datatrans and Planet joined forces to enhance their capability for secure digital online payments.
  • Also in 2021, Hoist, Protel, and Planet formed a new entity encompassing Property Management Systems (PMS) and Payment Systems for the hospitality industry.
  • In 2022, Avantio joined Planet to strengthen their presence in the seasonal vacation rental sector.

With headquarters in London and over 3,000 skilled employees spread across six continents, Planet serves clients in more than 120 markets.
Planet also maintains a significant local presence (with over 150 employees in France) to ensure quality support and assistance for its clients.

The Technology

Planet provides software, technological solutions (PMS, Reservation Engine), and payment solutions (integrated or standalone) to clients in the hospitality and retail sectors worldwide through a network of financial service partners.

Its hotel software and payment technology enable businesses to take advantage of a more connected and digital world. Protel Cloud PMS and its comprehensive integrated payment solution help hotels maximize operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and unlock new revenue streams, all with a single provider.

Products & Services

The benefits of the Planet union

Planet’s integrated PMS solutions (formerly Protel and Hoist Group) empower hotels to create seamless and transparent experiences for their guests.

The payment solutions provided by Planet are designed to cater to a wide range of needs. This includes integrated online and point-of-sale payments for retail, e-commerce, hotels, and restaurants.

Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with companies such as Datatrans, Hoist, Protel, and Avantio strengthen Planet’s position in the market, broaden its expertise, and enable the provision of more robust solutions.

Unifying and securing your operations:

Connecting the PMS and payments to eliminate silos, reduce costs and errors, and protect customer data through integrated security and compliance.

  • A single partner for PMS and payments eliminates the cost of separate solutions and helps staff work more efficiently.
  • No need to manage server infrastructure thanks to Cloud-native technology and no more high initial costs.
  • Cost reduction by minimizing exposure to refund and dispute risks.
  • Reducing the risk of revenue loss in case of no-shows or cancellations.
  • Data and operations protection through advanced AWS security and integrated PCI compliance (SAQ-A, 3DS 2.2, SCA, TRA Adv. Fraud Controls & Filters).
  • Official 2Way connection with CRM Experience.

Empowering the Staff:

Providing the staff with easy-to-use tools that simplify daily tasks to boost productivity and help them accomplish tasks more efficiently.
The intuitive and user-friendly interface streamlines daily operations and assists the staff in working smarter.

  • Being quickly operational: the online learning platform is ideal for newcomers and existing staff to help them get in tune.
  • Operating on a large scale: access the PMS anywhere, safely and remotely.
  • Connect to a third -party integration ecosystem (+1000) to optimize processes and extend workflows.
  • Management and monitoring of real-time transactions, in addition to pre-authorizations and reimbursements.
  • Visibility on activity thanks to the monitoring and analysis of occupancy rates, ADR and RevPar.
  • A wealthy exploitation of data and information through personalized reports.
  • Additional modules: booking engine, telephone application for customers, gift cards, dashboards and more.

Unlocking revenue and enhancing customer experience:

Ensure exceptional experiences for customers by offering easy bookings and unparalleled payment methods, both online and offline.

  • Maximize the value of customer experiences through revenue-generating technology.
  • Enhance the customer journey: Personalized and frictionless experiences throughout the online and offline journey with the Booking Engine and Pay by Link.
  • Choice and Convenience: Customers pay in their national currency. Planet processes more than 150 currencies.
  • Unlock additional revenue that you may not have obtained with direct currency conversion. Get up to a 2% discount on the transaction value.
  • Accept payments on any channel – payment link, app, web, or point-of-sale terminal.

CRM Connection: 2Way Official.

More than 20 languages are available on the PMS.
Planet Payment accepts more than 150 currencies.

Area : Available in 130+ countries, with a strong presence in Europe.

Software suitable for: Hotels, Hotel Groups, Hotel Residences, Restaurants, Restaurant Chains…

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