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The History

Quotelo is the 1st MICE & Group Booking Suite solution.

Founded in 2021 by Guillaume Clerc, a former hotelier, and Tristan Gibausset, a software editor, following the following observation: “Booking a room in a few clicks is possible, but for a seminar it takes an average of 4 days, as everything is done by email or telephone.
Quotelo is a booking engine for groups, MICE, seminars and events that digitizes what isn’t possible today. Whether it’s for the venue, accommodation, meeting rooms or even activities, everything can be booked from the hotelier’s website.”

The Quotelo start-up has set itself the mission of freeing hotels from the problems associated with booking sites and their high commissions, by proposing an alternative business model that doesn’t take a proportional cut from hoteliers’ margins.

The Technology

Quotelo is developing a BtoB sales assistant for hoteliers.

It enables hoteliers to generate their quotations automatically, without spending a single second without added commercial value, with a digitized customer journey and a completely new experience in the MICE and group segments.

Its platform enables incoming sales requests to be collected, processed and tracked in a matter of moments, with no need for sales skills or prior team training.

Quotelo digitalizes hoteliers’ sales processes, enabling them to increase their sales in the event, group and seminar segment by 20%.

A MICE & Group Booking Suite is a software suite of 10 complementary solutions:

  • Booking Chatbot Engine
  • Proposal automation system
  • e-Signature
  • On-line payment
  • Automatic email Reminder
  • Seminar Room Planning
  • Digitalized Pre-stay Quiz
  • Automatic daily Function sheet
  • MICE & Group Reporting & KPI
  • MICE & Groupe Rate plan, Business Rules and Policy customization

Products & Services

Quotelo Booking Engine & Quotelo MICE & Groupe Management

Quotelo Booking Engine creates an immersive, personalized environment for your customers to request quotes in a structured, comprehensive and guided way from your website.

Quotelo MICE & Group Management automates and digitizes quotations, their signature, room schedules, function sheets and rate plans (to put an end to Excel files).

The hotelier needs just 30 seconds to validate a quote and send it to the customer, instead of 10 minutes to 2 hours for complex quotes.
The gain in responsiveness is considerable, and generates a significant increase in sales in the MICE and group segments.
All possible upsales are systematically proposed to customers to increase margins and sales for the hotelier
Customers are engaged in a digital experience of describing their needs, even complex ones, and discover a new, fun and faster way of expressing their requests.

For hoteliers who like to take their customers by the hand from A to Z, the Quotelo Premium Service solution, which subcontracts the marketing of BtoB offers, is a quality management relay, to ensure that the experience is a success.

  • 80% of sales productivity saved, so you can spend more time on human relations with your customers (Quotelo eliminates the need for keyboarding quotes, invoices, schedules and job descriptions).
  • 2 minutes to generate an estimate, even a complex one: Quotelo delivers significant gains in responsiveness, resulting in over 20% more signatures!
  • Enhanced online image for your customers: the immersive digital journey we set up specifically for your website allows your customers to be immersed in your establishment when they make their requests for MICE and Group quotes. The image gain is simply colossal compared to a phone call or an online form or email address to receive quote requests…

: French, English, Dutch

Area: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, USA

Software suitable for: Hotels, Conference centers, convention centers, event venues.

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