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SESAME TECHNOLOGY: Your intelligent connected locks

The History

Since 2012, Sesame Technology, a French company, has been specialized in the digitization and dematerialization of processes, such as autonomous arrival and departure procedures for customers, visitors and staff, connected locks, and dematerialized payment by QR Code.

Sesame Technology supports professionals at every stage of a project.
From the definition of expectations to the execution of installations, from after-sales follow-up to communication with user teams, from customized training to the necessary interfaces and connections.

Sesame Technology is the ideal partner for your digital transformation!

The Technology

Sesame Technology is a manufacturer and developer of its own hardware and sotfware technologies, and dematerializes for hoteliers :

Opening and closing keys for access to venues such as :
Hotel rooms, seminar rooms, coworking spaces, car or bike parking, elevators, lockers, fridges, etc.
Using QR Code, NFC/RFID, Bluetooth BLE and WIFI 3G, 4G technologies, Sesame Technology provides real-time remote access management.

QR Code payment for :
In-store, at food and beverage outlets, on kiosks and vending machines.

Registration for your activities and events:
Simplify registration and automatic issuance of access passes for your ski lessons, lounges or private parties.
It also enables you to take a census of those present, and remind those absent, etc.

Promote your products and services:
In digital format, you can manage the real-time availability of your additional products and services, such as restaurant menus, room service, Spa cabins, etc.

Stay informed in real time of equipment malfunctions in your hotel rooms, seminar rooms, coworking spaces, car or bicycle parking, elevators, lockers, fridges, etc.

Products & Services

Sesame Platine

Sesame’s digital QR code key, no download required. Platine Sesame brings together all the technologies available for connected locks: QR CODE, NFC, RFID, BLE, WIFI, 4G, all encapsulated in a design that reflects your image. A single QR Code for all your accesses:

  • Your hotels.
  • Your car / motorcycle / bicycle parking.
  • Your Offices / Coworking spaces.
  • Your elevators.
  • Your real estate.
  • Lockers, mailboxes, luggage lockers.
  • Your sports centers.
  • Your vending machines / fridges / drinks dispensers.

Sesame Wallet

Give customers the option of using their key to pay for their purchases in-store or their drinks at points of sale, thanks to the digital wallet.

Smartphone payment.

Smartphone payment combined with a credit card allows you to pay just like any other purchase.


QR Code payment.

Sesame Wallet allows you to credit an account, while the QR Code entitles you to payment at various points of sale.


Payment by Account Transfer.

The presentation of the Sesame Wallet QR Code enables consumption to be transferred to the customer’s account for later payment.


Sesame Marketplace

An enhanced customer experience. Add value to your work, your Cards and Menus deserve more than a fixed medium.
Offer more than just a pdf file, featuring images, videos, rich content and keyword searches…

  • Update availability in real time and save your customers frustration.
  • Show or hide products according to availability, in real time from your smartphone.
  • Increase your average ticket and automatically update your card.
  • Arbitrate product or service promotion, set up cross-selling.
  • Sell remotely and takeaway, your products and services are accessible from any geographical location.
  • Share more with your customers and extend the experience thanks to the Loyalty Program or Private Sales, the experience continues beyond your walls, you communicate easily and update according to your information.

Sesame Events

A simpler, more complete solution… there’s no such thing!!!
Take advantage of an easy-to-use connected solution, with data centralized for all your events, from booking, through registration and Qr Code Pass issuance, right up to the digital wallet. Communicate your activities via the Market Place or directly to your customer base.

  • Sesame technology generates a QR code for event registration, which your visitors scan and complete.
  • Once registered, each visitor receives a unique QR code for access to the event.
  • On the day of the event, the organizer checks the visitor’s access rights and payment with a simple scan from any smartphone.
  • If the event lends itself to it, the Qr Code can be used as a means of payment.
  • Thanks to Sesame technologies, you’re relieved of the need for a cumbersome IT structure and costly hardware rental.

Sesame Maintenance

Report and trace equipment malfunctions.
Combined with the digital access key, the “Sesame Maintenance” function lists all the damage encountered by your equipment on a daily basis.

The information is structured and automatically forwarded to the designated contact for resolution.

Also activate the “Lost & Found” function and score points in your customer relations, with an automated and personalized return of lost and found items without operational constraints.

: French, English, Spanish.

Area: France and French-speaking countries, UK, Spain.

Software suitable for
: Hotels, Hotel Groups, Hotel Residences, Restaurants, Bars.

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