WEBCOM: Digital at the service of the Hotel and Catering Industry.


Created in 2007 by David and Joëlle Robin, WEBCOM is an agency specializing in communication and digital marketing, with a particular focus on the hospitality and restaurant industry.
Its commitment is to guide professionals in this sector in the development and realization of their content and web marketing strategies.
Since its inception, WEBCOM has mobilized its full range of skills and expertise to serve its clientele, both nationally and internationally.
With its wealth of experience, it remains a privileged partner for its clients, highlighting a comprehensive approach tailored to the constant evolution of the hospitality market.


WEBCOM, as an innovative agency, provides a variety of solutions and products tailored to your specific needs. Its offerings include custom website design, the creation of WordPress sites, blogs, and e-commerce sites.
The agency excels in SEO content management and Google Adwords campaigns to maximize your online visibility.

Moreover, its expertise extends to the development of applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android, as well as professional photo and video editing.
The agency also offers captivating 3D virtual tours to provide your visitors with a unique immersive experience.

Furthermore, WEBCOM stands out for its competence in social media management and digital influence, ensuring a strategic and effective presence on relevant social platforms.
WEBCOM is committed to providing clients with comprehensive solutions tailored to the latest trends in the digital market, ensuring their success online.

Products & Services


Maximize your direct sales with a comprehensive approach to your website—customized, high-performing, and exceptionally fast.

  • Choose from different ranges of websites tailored to all aspirations and budgets, while respecting the unique identity of each establishment, whether it’s a Guest House, Luxury Hotel, Boutique Hotel, or Restaurant.


  • Take advantage of the bespoke and personalized option for a responsive website that works seamlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile, with a multilingual structure and search engine optimization (SEO) optimization.

  • WEBCOM handles the complete management of content, including text, translations, photos, special offers, PDF files, etc.


  • Integrate a blog directly into your website to inform your clients with captivating monthly editorial content.


  • Stand out with a price comparison widget, displaying real-time savings made by booking directly, thus bypassing Online Travel Agencies (OTA).


  • Build trust with visitors through a comprehensive FAQ, a dynamic tool that encourages booking while improving natural search engine optimization.


  • Explore the benefits of a Social Wall to highlight your social networks and strengthen your online presence.


  • Incorporate the MASK booking engine to boost your direct sales and offer a seamless booking experience to your customers.



Optimize Your Website Visibility by Combining Brand Content, Natural SEO, and Advertising Campaigns (SEA).

Embrace a Meta Search strategy to promote your best rates, encouraging direct bookings.
Enhance your online presence, attract qualified traffic, and motivate visitors to book directly by highlighting financial benefits.
Propel your establishment online with a seamless experience for your customers.


Optimize Your Sales and Boost Visibility with Strategic, Personalized, and Creative Support on Social Media.

Management, engagement, retention, editorial planning, engaging content, targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook & Instagram, and proactive monitoring of your online reputation are all part of the comprehensive offering.
Enhance your online presence while building lasting connections with your audience.


Enhance Your Visibility with Influencer Marketing through WEBCOM.

Promote your hotel/restaurant by optimizing online reputation, influencer marketing, brand image, and creativity.
WEBCOM guides you in co-branding, collaborations with tourism influencers, and event organization.
Leverage influencer marketing to strengthen your positioning and attract an even more qualified clientele.


Enrich Your Website and Social Media with WEBCOM’s High-Quality Visual Content.

Choose captivating videos, attractive cinemagraphs, creative photos, and a 3D Virtual Tour for an immersive preview before your clients’ stay.
Energize your online presence, stimulating engagement within your communities.
With a visually-focused approach, stand out and provide a memorable experience for your potential clients.


WEBCOM is an agency specializing in the creation of visual communication materials.

The agency takes care of editing your graphic charter, designing your communication materials both in print and digital formats, creating impactful motion design, developing clever packaging, and customizing all your products with a meticulous and branded design.

Ensure a impactful and consistent visual presence at all levels, thereby strengthening your brand image distinctly.


Completely reinvent the reservation process on your website with MASK.
Increase your direct bookings and provide an optimal browsing experience for your customers with a customized booking engine designed from the API of your existing reservation engine or PMS.





MASK stands out for its advanced customization, seamlessly integrating with the image of your establishment by adopting your colors and typographies.

Provide your visitors with an optimized user experience, enabling direct bookings without leaving your site, ensuring unparalleled fluidity and consistency. Effectively showcase your services such as rooms, special offers, and extras, thereby strengthening your conversion rate and increasing your revenue.

MASK is designed using the API of your current reservation engine, thus preserving your existing tools.

Get in touch with the WEBCOM teams to discover all the features of MASK, as well as the innovations and benefits this solution offers to optimize the online reservation process.

: French, English

: Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania, Asia

for: Hotels, Hotel Groups, Residences, Restaurants, Bars

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