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Founded in April 2020, Yvala is a company that empowers hoteliers to master and configure their sales tools and implement an online sales strategy perfectly tailored to their operational management.

Passionate about independent hospitality and quality boutique hotels, Yvala’s team is a blend of human and professional complementarities united by expertise in hospitality and distribution.

Yvala considers knowledge sharing and human connections as foundational elements for a flourishing society and a guarantee of quality for the company, its employees, and its partners.


Demystify Revenue and its Technology.
From a Parisian boutique hotel to a Cannes residence, an unusual accommodation in Provence, to the design of a hotel in Haiti, Yvala adapts its support to your strategy.

  • A relationship based on trust and human connection.
  • Up-to-date technical expertise.
  • Great availability and flexibility.
  • Diversified and international experience.
  • An external and objective perspective.
  • References we are proud of.


Yvala helps hotel businesses enhance their online visibility,
customer acquisition potential, and optimize sales and revenue management tools

Offered in 3 Different Support Options:

1 – Management Mandate: Revenue, RevPar optimization, and controlled connectivities

  • Anticipation: Choose distribution adapted to your strategy (medium and long term) and reduce costs.
  • Verification: Ensure technical functionalities and their links with other systems to avoid errors (reservation and billing issues, for example).
  • Standardization: Pricing, monitoring tools for internal transparency and customer communication.

 – Training
 : Tailored training suited to your needs.

  • Revenue Management.
  • Operational Yield in Hospitality.
  • Online Distribution.
  • Office tools (Microsoft Excel…).

3 – Consulting : RM/Distribution Audit – An external and objective view of the hotel’s situation.

  • Optimization of occupancy and price.
  • Adaptation of strategies to the market.
  • Attraction of new clienteles (day, week, coworking, artist residencies, etc.).
  • Optimization of services in available spaces.
  • Improvement of business processes at all hierarchical levels of the hotel.
  • Short, medium, and long-term visibility.

Are you changing your IT tools? Call the pros:

1 – Changing software (PMS, CRM, POS,…)

  • Changing PMS (audit and management of the initial setup).
  • Support during hotel and tourism residence openings (RM/Distribution)

–Installation of a technological ecosystem.

  • Revenue Management.
  • Operational Yield in Hospitality.
  • Online Distribution.
  • Office tools (Microsoft Excel…).


1 – Data Modeling.

  • Utilization of predictive and prospective external data to provide a clearer picture of incoming market demand.
  • Real-time exploitation of thousands of data points.
  • Data derived from OTAs, GDSs, flight data, events, holidays, INSEE data, and open data on various subjects.

2 – Virtual Visit Booking Engine

  • Intuitive reservation module for hotel spaces (rooms, seminar and meeting rooms, privatizations, etc.).
  • Every space becomes bookable online, whether by the hour or overnight, thanks to an integrated virtual tour with a booking module.

Languages: French, English

Region: France

Suitable for: Independent Hotels, Hotel Groups

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