Independent Hoteliers : Survey your customer satisfaction

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Satisfying your customers is the essence of the hospitality industry, and to maintain and improve the quality of your service you need to be able to survey them, but :

  • You don’t have the appropriate tools.
  • Or the time to do it.
  • Your customer database isn’t up to date.
  • You can’t link survey returns to customer history.
  • You don’t know the NPS principle.
  • And anyway, OTAs already send out surveys… why bother?

Discover CRM Experience’s Customer Satisfaction automation and analysis solution.

Conduct your own surveys, question all your customers, and analyze your results in detail

!!! And because OTAs are doing it, you need to do it too !!!

  • Create your own personalized questionnaires.
  • Send them to all your customers automatically.
  • Track all customer feedback on a single interface.
  • Adopt NPS to distinguish between “Detractors” and “Promoters”.
  • Thanks to PMS connections:
    • Benefit from an advanced level of precision in the analysis of survey returns, by element.
    • Take advantage of a follow-up history on each customer.