The new Tripadvisor option to be activated without further delay: ‘Travel Safe’

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Although it is true that most hotels have been struggling since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many platforms are trying to support hoteliers by highlighting their ability to provide a certain level of safety.

This is the case with Tripadvisor, which recently launched the ‘Travel Safe’ tool designed to help travellers find establishments that have implemented a health and safety procedure since their reopening.

A good way for potential customers who are gradually beginning to plan future trips to feel more confident in their choice, and for hoteliers to highlight their involvement in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

In short, ‘Travel Safe’ could be a determining factor for your business.

Follow the guide to install it quickly.

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What is ‘Travel Safe’?

And how does it help travellers?

When travellers are searching for a hotel, they can now see a new ‘COVID-19’ option, in the form of a filter. They can then select “Properties taking safety measures”; the list of results is sorted to include businesses that have implemented the ‘Travel Safe’ programme.

Once this search has been carried out and the choice of hotel has been made, users will see the list of precautions taken by the owners. This includes health and safety procedures, instructions on the wearing of masks/gloves, rules on social distancing, etc.

Travellers also have the opportunity to discover hotels offering flexible booking policies and free cancellations.

At the end of their stay, a new survey form allows users to validate the health and safety measures and share their experience with other travellers.

If they still have concerns about these measures, they can share them with the owners of the hotel concerned, in a question-and-answer section.

“If we want to get the world travelling again, the safety needs of consumers must be appreciated and recognised as the biggest hurdle to closing the confidence gap created by this pandemic,” said Lindsay Nelson, chief experience and brand officer at Tripadvisor, Inc. 

And she adds, “With the launch of Travel Safe, we’re allowing owners to showcase how they’re putting health and safety at the forefront to protect their staff and future customers.”

According to Tripadvisor, the new ‘Travel Safe’ tools are already available in its 49 markets, with approximately 13,850 properties having activated the feature.

How do you register your hotel as a ‘Travel Safe’ establishment on Tripadvisor?

Owners display the health and safety measures implemented in their establishment(s) by accessing their Tripadvisor management centre, free of charge.

The checklist also allows owners to submit a written description of the measures they are taking to protect their customers, including links to health and safety information on their own websites (if they are taking a personalised approach).

This procedure will take you a few minutes, but will then allow you to be among the establishments selected via the COVID-19 filter.


The information didn’t create much of a stir at the launch of the ‘Travel Safe’ tool… That’s probably why you may not have taken the time to add your health and safety precautions to your Tripadvisor account yet.

However, if you fail to activate this function quickly, your establishment will no longer appear in your customers’ searches. Remember that health and safety precautions are of paramount importance to customers as the summer holidays approach. Avoid the inevitable loss of business!

So, I encourage you to go to your Tripadvisor management centre today to ensure that your customers will be able to travel with peace of mind.

As for Booking Holdings and the Expedia Group, they are also offering hoteliers the opportunity to display health and safety precautions in the listings on their sites. Stay tuned!

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Elisa Atlan