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How to improve your Hotel’s online visibility?

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  • How to improve the visibility of your property through the various existing online platforms? 
  • How to take, or regain, control of your customer relationship management? 
  • How to improve your hotel’s satisfaction and increase your online bookings?

This white paper discusses the importance of having a good online visibility for your business (and how to improve it if it is not the case) through several examples and tips drawn from the experience of professionals.

Summary : 

  • Introduction

01 – The Issues

1.1 – The Geographical constraint

1.2 – The Notoriety constraint

1.3 – The Customer Behavior constraint

02 – Data Analysis

03 – The Solutions

3.1 – How to be well displayed on OTAs

3.2 – How to work on Customer Satisfaction

  • Conclusion

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