Widgets on your Website

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Your website is attractive, the time response is good, you are well referenced, but : 

  • You don’t know who visits it.
  • You don’t know how to encourage visitors to come back if they don’t complete their reservation.
  • You would like to use it as a prospecting tool.
  • You don’t have a tool to collect email addresses to communicate to your future customers.

How to create “loyalty” from the first glance? How to create interest before a user leaves the website.

The CRM Experience allows you to integrate 2 tools to your sites in order to transform Visitors into Direct Customers thanks to your Marketing. And always in respect of the GDPR !!!

A Pop-Up Widget

  • Encourages the Internet user to leave his email address when leaving the website.
  • Retrieves the personal details of visitors.
  • Allows the creation of a prospecting list to be used in Marketing.
  • When a visitor becomes a Customer, he joins your dynamic segmented lists.

A Newsletter Widget

  • Also allows you to retrieve personal data.
  • Allows visitors as well as your customers to follow your news.
  • Allows you to broadcast your offers and promotions directly to all your readers.