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In 1996, Clock emerged from university students’ determination to enhance software utility. Sensing the potential of the bustling hospitality industry, they shifted their focus, igniting a lifelong passion.

Clock PMS+ was introduced in 2014, a cloud-based, user-friendly product that simplified hotel operations and offered timely data for informed decision-making. The system soon became an essential tool locally, establishing Clock PMS+ as a trusted partner in property management and a steadfast ally to hoteliers worldwide.

Their journey took them beyond room management toward the heart of hospitality: guest engagement. They recognised digital transformation as a compass guiding them towards integrated, seamless guest experiences


The team excels at addressing current challenges leading hoteliers face, while proactively identifying and mitigating future obstacles. This dual-focused, forward-thinking approach fortifies the determination to meet and surpass the expectations of our industry their clients.

Synergy and unity, embodied in the modular solution approach. The suite of offerings is built around three foundational pillars – operations, guest journey, and payments. The operations module simplifies daily property management. The guest journey module enriches the guest experience, from initial booking to post-stay engagement. Lastly, the payments module provides a secure, dependable transaction processing pathway.

Their products stand as reliability and efficiency pillars, enabling their clients to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Products & Services


Reservations and blocks – Manage all bookings in one place

Boost hotel revenue:
Sell, upsell, and cross-sell with powerful tools to forecast and maximise occupancy and sales.
Manage reservations smoothly:
Change details and add tasks or routine instructions to ensure smooth service, billing, and delivery.
Take all booking enquires:
Record inbound requests and directly sends them for final requests to your guest.
Collaborate with corporate:
Simplify the complexities of pricing and invoicing to partners with agreements for your corporate partners.
Deliver world-class group service:
Manage all group booking aspects like blocks, statuses, release dates, pick-up, guest lists, advance payments, and final invoices.
Automate guarantees and cancellations:
Management on autopilot for fair and timely payments of deposit and cancellation fees to your hotel.

Non-accommodation bookings and availabilities – Sell rooms and everything else.

Sell spa passes or daytime tea:
Non-room bookings that extend your service selection.
Secure new revenue streams:
Manage non-accommodation availabilities like your standard offerings and turn them into sellable inventory and cash.
Book services together:
Offer a global booking experience where all services reflect on the same customer bill.

Revenue management and online distribution – Boost online visibility and revenue

Perfect your pricing:
Ensure your pricing is right with automations and flexible tools.
Adapt rates to occupancy:
Automate pricing based on your occupancy.
Balance your revenue:
Use the restriction and hurdle rates to fine-tune your pricing.
Bundle your services:
Create package rates and elements with easy management of room bundles.
Connect leading channel managers and CRS:
Automatically sync your operations to global online travel agencies and distribution systems.
Integrate more revenue opportunities:
Take your sales further with easy and instant revenue optimization technology integrations.

Front-desk operations – Deliver world-class guest service

Simplify arrivals and departures:
Make the daily check-ins and check-out routines easy.
Stay ahead of every task:
Assign custom tasks with reminders to responsible staff or departments.
Boost payments and invoicing:
Empower your staff to track all transactions and their statuses.
Handle more guests with less work:
Automated online and kiosk check-in options, automated payments and guarantees, and automated personal document validation.
Empower your staff your way:
Give your front-desk employees the privileges and restrictions they need to improve operations.

Housekeeping – Secure top hotel cleanliness

Deliver on every promise and expectation:
Maintenance schemes for different rates and room types with tools to simplify staff planning.
Get room statuses in real-time:
Quick overview of the housekeeping status for every room to boost guest service. on Mobile in Real-time.
Give back lost items:
Handle lost-and-found items in the system.
Next-level housekeeping:
Enhance your operational efficiency further with smooth integrations to any other advanced property maintenance and housekeeping platforms

What else?

Guest journey:
Delight the guest experience from booking to check-out.

Online booking engine : Increase website booking conversions, Offer a first-class checkout, Sell more than your rooms, Market special rates, Book your complete hotel group

Guest mailer: Personalise your messages, Send the right messages at the right time, Let guests control their stay, See what sells.

Digital guest services & personal portal: Offer guests a personal portal, Control arrivals before they happen, Check-out online check-in, Speed up guest service.

Get paid quickly and securely for all your hotel services.

Payment integration: Get paid online, Let guests pay their way, Validate every card (3D secure, PSD2 and card validation), Automate terminal payments, Secure every payment (PCI Compliance).

Tokenisation : Capture and keep payment methods from all sources, Get paid for more enhanced services.

Payment automation: Get more confirmed bookings, Simplify OTA card bookings, Collect cancellations compensations, Collect open folio balances, Release deposits instantly.

Payment processing: Partnership with Adyen fully integrated in Clock PMS+, Payment API with  your payment provider.

Event management:
Host and manage delightful connected events.

Manage meetings and events: Offer meeting rooms instantly, Give instructions to staff, Ensure room availability, Simplify your finances.

Event operations and extras: Bundle your event experiences, Track bookings and guarantees, Create unlimited folios, Simplify event catering.

Restaurant POS:
Use a POS for smooth restaurant and bar operations.

Point of sale system: Order and book from anywhere, Free your staff, Future-proof your kitchen, Offer unlimited service, Start using instantly, Connect your solutions with Clock by using the open API.

Connect the best hotel solutions

Already have a POS system you like? A CRM solution you want to connect with Clock? 
Use the open API to build custom applications and automate workflows. Set yourself up for success with unlimited connections to certified public and private apps.

Check the integrations:

2Way connection to CRM Experience

Languages: French, English, German, Italian, Bulgarian.

Zone: Europe, Africa, North America, South America.

Software suitable for: Hotels, Hotel Groups, Hotel Residences.

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