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Flag Systems is a CRS (Central Reservation System) and PMS (Property Management System) software editor founded in 1999, catering to players in the tourism industry, hosts, hotels, campgrounds, residences, tour operators, amusement parks, corporate committees, reservation centers, and pure players.

As an editor, its solutions revolve around a highly strategic mission: to support tourism professionals in their technological development strategies by offering cross-industry expertise and business solutions to strengthen their positioning in the market.

Connectivity and innovation are at the core of their commitment. Their solutions are designed to simplify and automate processes, aiming for better real-time availability and price management and greater transversality for all types of tourism products


Available in SaaS or On-Premise mode, the PMS software for hotels covers a broad functional scope with complementary modules for managing billing in points of sale (bar, restaurant, room service) and organizing events in the event space (conference room scheduling, quotes, and function sheets).

The extensive experience alongside the hotel industry allows for a complete, full-web solution that combines CRS and PMS. This centralizes all data, providing a comprehensive and transversal view of the activity.

The solution has native bidirectional connectivity with websites, avoiding information re-entry and allowing real-time animation and promotion. Its modularity and numerous connectors (OTA, Channel Manager, tour operators, third-party applications, etc.) allow it to adapt to specific needs.

Products & Services

Flag Systems offers hoteliers two main solutions:

CRS-PMS I-resa Platform:

i-Resa is an integrated CRS-PMS solution for centralized reservation management, fully web-based, and transversal to tourism activities: it is both a production, operation, and distribution platform for your products and tourist establishments.

It is an evolutionary and open system, thanks to its interconnection capabilities with external software (OTA, channel manager, API, suppliers…), allowing you to extend your activities infinitely and complement your fields of action.

i-Resa is designed for all tourism professionals: hotel chains and groups, residences, campgrounds, holiday villages, tour operators, receptive agencies, reservation centers, amusement parks, and other entities interacting with tourism, such as corporate committees and gift box publishers.
i-Resa allows you to :

  • Market additional services to your basic offering (thus acting as a tour operator) to be the ‘one-stop-shop’ for your clients and foster their loyalty.
  • Create packages to enrich your offering and increase margins by allowing clients to transform their simple day visit into a personalized experience.
  • Directly distribute to travel agency networks, OTAs, and tour operators, thanks to i-Resa’s native functions for interconnections.
  • Mix your production (allotment/request/free sales)…

Hospitality PMS Jazotel

The Jazotel solution, suitable for both independents and multi-establishment managers, offers the following features.

Jazotel Front Office.

  • Reservation, check-in, and billing management
  • Room cleaning tracking
  • Pricing for accommodation-only or package stays
  • Client and debtor file management
  • Automatic sending of dashboards by email
  • Statistical and financial analysis of activity by segment, origin, client, cancellation reason, refusal of sale, …
  • Two-way connectivity with the main booking engines and channel managers in the market
  • Official 2Way connection with CRM Experience.

Jazotel POS.

  • Usable on fixed terminals and/or touchscreen tablets
  • Configuration of items, menus, cooking or accompaniment variations, and messages for the kitchen
  • Price definition by point of sale and time slot (management of Happy Hours)
  • Sales analysis by customer segment (external, groups, seminars, etc.), point of sale, user, period, …
  • Interface with the Front Office to check a client’s room number, tariff conditions, and kitchen instructions (diet, allergies, …)
  • Menu change programming
  • Consolidation of turnover and cash receipts in the Jazotel Front Office dashboards

Jazotel Sales & Marketing.
To easily manage the occupancy and commercialization of your event space.

  • Definition of meeting rooms and available spaces
  • Setting of the capacity by room and layout
  • Definition of services and proposed equipment
  • Immediate visualization of the occupancy schedule by day or hour
  • Management of the availability of audio-visual or other equipment
  • Management of the commercial agenda and history of follow-ups and commercial contacts
  • Establishment of quotes and function sheets
  • Management of reservations by status (option, confirmed, guaranteed, blocked, etc.)
  • Analysis of realized and forecast turnover by type of event, client, segment,

Beyond the usual PMS scope, the software for independent hotels brings innovative features:

  • Dynamic packaging features to easily create and distribute packaged offers.
  • A rich module of bidirectional connectivity that allows integration with third-party applications from key players in the E-Reputation, access control, spa management, housekeeping, and technical intervention markets.
  • Automatic and configurable data exports to feed your BI, RMS, and accounting tools.
  • Customizable statistical analyses to track activity and have a strategic vision of your business.
  • Mixing production (allotment/request/free sales)… but potentially wanting to guarantee and commit to production lines through linear purchases.
  • With i-Resa, everything is synchronized automatically and in real-time.

The management and operations software dedicated to hotel chains allows for the control of the entire reservation, distribution, and operation chain of all establishments.

  • An integrated solution that combines both PMS and CRS facets, positioning itself as your reference tool.
  • A modular and extensive coverage that extends to dynamic packaging of your tourist offers.
  • A rate rule engine that allows you to model your pricing strategy without limitations.
  • Possible segmentation of stocks/prices based on each distribution channel.
  • Complete connectivity to all distribution channels

CRM Connection: 2Way Official.

: French, English

Regions: France and French-speaking countries

Suitable for: Independent hotels and hotel groups, residences, holiday villages, parks, and hotel complexes.

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