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Gauvendi : Selling Experiences – Not just Stays​

Their History

Founded in 2020 following the observation that “despite the fact that all rooms are different within a hotel, they are all promoted in the same way without highlighting their specific features”. Gauvendi’s hybrid technology, combined with the experience of their history, guarantees reliable value at the right price and excellent service, so you can concentrate on your hotel business with a clear mind. 

GauVendi is Central Sales Platform driven by artificial intelligence and based on dynamic room inventory management, enabling hyper-personalization, attribute-based selling and new revenue management thanks to its feature-based dynamic inventory management.

Customers can choose individualized preferences online, such as a high floor, quiet location or specific bedding.

Hoteliers increase revenues by over 20% with instant upselling, new data-driven revenue management and new automation of the entire digital guest journey, saving time and quality and delivering greater value to guests, operators and owners.

Their Technology

Thanks to the open API approach, this guarantees seamless integration with other technology providers. 

Thanks to room feature-based inventory, Gauvendi also offers its own products that enable many new use cases and help increase revenue, booking conversion, profits, distribution flexibility and customer satisfaction. 

These products include the Internet Sales Engine, which replaces traditional booking engines, Inventi-Flow, AI-based inventory management, the Sales Optimizer to reduce category overbooking and split stays, a Revenue Management tool based on room characteristics, Flexi-Channel to connect partner distribution channels, and Business Intelligence to analyze purchasing behavior and gain new insights about the property.

Their Products & Services

SALES ENGINE GAUVENDI: A true individualized booking experience

This next-generation Internet booking engine enables you to offer your customers the ability to select and book rooms based on their preferences, all through a fully automated process. 

Thanks to AI-generated product recommendations and advanced branding strategies, you can offer a hyper-personalized booking experience. Focus on customer satisfaction with a cutting-edge “Sales Engine”.

INVENTI-FLOW : AI-Powered Inventory Optimization

With Inventi-Flow, you can automatically assign rooms and dynamically optimize your reservations based on occupancy or revenue. By incorporating Inventi-Flow into your regular working routines, you can maximize your business opportunities in advance, particularly during high-demand periods.

SALES OPTIMIZER: Automate gap filling and split stays.

The Sales Optimizer resolves occupancy gaps, room switches during a stay, and overbookings of room categories. This is achieved through automated restrictions across all channels and based on the availability of accommodation units. Maximize your revenue by actively managing demand instead of creating additional workload

REVENUE ENGINE: Revenue management tool based on room characteristics.

Maximize revenue and forecast demand using AI. Predictive pricing for features and accommodation units based on room characteristics.

FLEXI-CHANNEL: Increase sales with differentiated distribution

With Flexi-Channel, you can easily customize your product range and distribute your inventory across multiple channels with tailor-made products. This tool enables you to re-categorize your inventory and manage product availability on each partner via a channel manager. It’s an intelligent and unique approach to strategically positioning your inventory according to your target channels, and always with “Direct First” in mind.


Create customized performance reports using data on customer behavior, sources, channels and more. Get the information you need to take the right decisions.


Product: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German. Other languages may be added.

Support: Currently English, German, Spanish.

Area: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, USA and Australia.

Suitable for: Independent Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Hotel Groups, Hostels, Inns etc.

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